10 Tips For A Hassle Free House Move

Moving will have its challenges but is fairly straightforward if you plan in advance. Here are ten tips that you should use to make sure that your move is as hassle free as possible.

Hire a professional

Professional movers make a living of moving, and they understand all too well the pitfalls involved. They will provide much needed help and guidance in getting your possessions to your new home.

Get Multiple Quotes

Request quotes from a few professional movers in your area. You’ll need to compare the costs, but all look for customer service, detailed answers to your questions, and any other extras that will be useful to you during the move. With the quote in hand, you’ll be better able to budget your money.

Get Value For Money

If you cannot afford a full service move, you can pack your items on your own and get professional packers to take care of special items. You can also pay to have the movers load, transport and off load the packages at the new location.

Get Insurance

Protect your possessions in the event of loss or damage by taking out short term insurance. You can do this through the movers or on your own through a local insurance agency.

Be Mover Friendly

Make yourself available to go through the inventory and answer any questions that the movers will have on moving day. Adhere to their safety guidelines when moving heavy boxes and furniture. Keep the walkways clear and move items that might cause trips and falls out of the way.

Loading The Truck

If you’re loading the truck or container without professional help, load the valuables first and place them at the back of the truck. Heavier boxes must go at the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Get friends and family involved and lift heavy boxes according to guidelines so that no one is injured.

Get Answers To Questions Before Moving Day

Don’t wait for moving day to ask questions that should have been asked long before. Inform your movers about any items that need special packaging or handling, so that they arrive at your home prepared.

When Things Go Wrong

Check your possessions for loss or damage when you get to the new location. Make notes on the inventory sheets as you unpack and notify the moving company when this is done. Normally, you’ll have about 30 days to file a claim with the insurance for lost or damaged items.

Movers With Packaged Deals

A mover that provides multiple services in a package deal will save you lots of time and money. Some services that might be beneficial to you are insurance, temporary storage, packing, unpacking, furniture cleaning and more.

Lighten Up

A stress-free move all boils down to your attitude towards moving. Sure, no one likes the hassle but put on a sunny smile even when you want to scream. Soon you’ll be settled in your new home, and the challenges will be long forgotten.

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