10 Best Practical Tips To Find New Love Of Your Life

Tips that will help you meet and marry the man of your dreams, lead the life you yearn for and enjoy the happiness you deserve.

10 Best Practical Tips To Find New Love Of Your Life

A group of friends who have worn the same garter at their wedding, offer a lot of advice to women over 40, including how to meet and marry the man of his dreams, lead the life to which we aspire and enjoy the happiness that we deserved. Here are their top ten tips:

1. Leave the past behind you

When you meet a new person, leave all negative feelings or heartaches where they belong, that is, in the past.

2. We do not meet someone in their living room

Okay, maybe a nice furniture delivery guy will knock on your door, but we usually get to know someone by going out and doing something new, for example by signing up for a online matrimonial websites. Let everyone know, especially those who are married, that you are looking for a companion and accept all party invitations. We never know who we will meet.

3. Give him a chance

At age 20, your criteria may have required that he be tall, handsome, and have a black mane. Avoid confining yourself to a particular type. Perhaps you will meet the ideal companion.

4. See the arranged appointment as your first date of love

Two of the authors of the book met their husband during an arranged appointment. This is possible. If you do not want the meeting going on in a noisy restaurant, find something else fun to do. One of the women in our group went to a baseball game, accompanied by a girlfriend; the man with whom she had an appointment which had been already taken by a friend. It was love at first sight and they got married a year later.

5. Time is in your favor

Take the time to know your partner and avoid rushing to meet his children or introduce yours. It’s between you two that things are played first. Make sure you really want to share his existence.

6. Taste daily happiness

When you are ready to move in together, you will discover how wonderful it is to come back at night to find your lover. Prepare to make mutual concessions, for example the goods that each of you will keep or from which he or she will divest.

7. What about the marriage contract?

Keep in mind that you do not sign a marriage contract because you are convinced that the union will not last, but rather in order to decide how best to protect your property and for what ‘we have worked.

8. Your wedding your way

It’s up to you to decide how you want your wedding to take place. Keep in mind that you and your sweetheart are the only ones to decide what shape to take. Do things the way you want them.

9. Happiness until the end of your days, it’s possible

Keep this Garter Brides phrase in mind: “It’s never too late to meet true love. We did it and you can too.”


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