4 Ways to Save Money on Common Car Repairs

If your car needs some repair work, there are several ways to save money. By cutting expenses on some of the most common repairs, you’ll be able to stash away more money to put toward costlier auto work if your vehicle ever needs it. These four tips will help you save money on common car repairs.

Do It Yourself

With a few tools and some general automotive know-how, you can do many minor repairs yourself. Chips and scratches in the exterior paint can be covered with touch-up paint if the right color is chosen and it’s applied correctly. Dental removal kits that are sold at auto supply stores feature a variety of tools that work for removing dents of different sizes. Even a plunger or hairdryer can be used to remove small dents. Kits are also available for repairing small cracks and dings in windscreens.

Get Warranties on Tires

Tire warranties are valid for a certain number of miles and can save you from having to pay full price for new tires if your old ones wear out too soon. Road hazard warranties make it possible for a flat and other tire damage to be repaired for the life of the tire. However, it should be noted that any warranty can be invalidated if proper tire maintenance is neglected.

Know When to File an Insurance Claim

Major damage to your vehicle should obviously be reported to your auto insurance company, but reporting minor damage may do more harm than good. Reporting a windscreen replacement or repair or other damage that isn’t as serious could end up raising your insurance rates. Fortunately, many auto shops take care of chipped windscreen replacement work and similar services without charging a lot of money, and many dealerships offer special deals for windscreen repair or replacement.

Look for Deals

Terrific deals on auto work can always be found if you know where to look. Simply asking a dealership or mechanic shop if they’re currently running any specials on things like oil changes or tire rotations can save you money. Coupons and promo codes are often easy to find on auto service or coupon websites. Joining an auto club is another way to get special deals on car repairs and maintenance.

Getting your car fixed doesn’t always have to be a costly endeavor. By finding ways to save money, you’ll be able to keep more cash in your pocket while still making sure that the problems with your vehicle are addressed.


Author: Anica O

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