3 Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer When Starting Your Own Business

Entrepreneurs have a lot to consider when starting their businesses. In addition to making their companies profitable, it’s important for entrepreneurs to make sure they are properly protected in all legal matters as well. If you’re an entrepreneur wondering whether or not you need a lawyer, consider the following three benefits of hiring an attorney:

Prepare for Legal Issues


Entrepreneurs are thought leaders and create products and services that have never been used before. As such, when these innovations hit the marketplace, there is no way of knowing what might happen. In the event that there are legal issues surrounding your new product or service, it is in your best interest to have an attorney on retainer.

For example, if you create a new product that is involved in an incident where an individual is injured, it is likely that a lawsuit is coming your way. With product liability attorney services, you and your company will be protected against any claims of property damage or personal injury caused by your product.

Protect Yourself from Your Employees


Every growing company expands to the point where they need to hire help. However, it is impossible to control the thoughts or actions of your employees. While you can hope to hire the right people, there may come a day when an employee acts against your company. This can take the form of sabotaging a marketing campaign or stealing from the company.

In a situation where an employee’s actions negatively affect your company, you need to ensure you are properly protected. With the right attorney, you’ll be able to reclaim your company’s good name and possibly take legal action yourself.

Draft Air-Tight Contracts


There is nothing worse than watching an entrepreneur’s fall from grace after a detail in their contract allowed for something terrible to happen. While this may seem like an extreme scenario, it effectively solidifies the importance of having an air-tight contract. Whether it’s a contract to copyright your product or to establish a new partnership, this paperwork is something that can either make or break your business. Having a lawyer will help you navigate through all the legal channels, ensuring that your business and future products or services are well protected.


Entrepreneurship is all about striking out on one’s own and building something from the ground up. Regardless of how committed you are to your company, anything can happen–for better or worse. Make sure what you’re building is properly protected by hiring a lawyer.


Author: Anica O

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