3 Old Marketing Moves Made Relevant By New Technologies

While you may have a business or you want to start one, adding to your client base can be an ongoing challenge. While advertisements and marketing are essential to this, you may be ignoring some techniques or avenues because you perceive them as outdated. The truth is that some of the oldest tricks in the book have become revitalized by the advent of new technologies. Below, are three such “returning” marketing techniques.

3 Old Marketing Moves Made Relevant By New Technologies


The advent of streaming video sites has allowed for an entirely new way to reach potential customers. By uploading videos directly to social media sites or linking such videos from your business’ YouTube channel, you can focus marketing toward your ideal client audience. One of the main benefits of web-based commercials over traditional radio or television ads is that you do not have to pay for air time.


The sign-making industry has experienced several major improvements that afford you promotional options you may have never considered; sometimes it’s not just having a sign but also that sign’s presentation. With technology advancing, sign companies like Perth Signcraft & Graphics can produce high-quality signs at a reasonable price and speed.

3D Signs literally add depth to your signage and may be just the thing to draw in new customers. Vinyl Glass Etched Signs offer a cheaper alternative to legitimately etching text into glass panels because the sign-makers are only manipulating an adhesive sheet of see-through vinyl material.

Loyalty Programs

There are several companies that incorporate your store with a rewards program. Where you might have kept a physical record of the client’s purchase history or provided them a punch-card, now you can set up things like a points program. Depending on the particular software, all the customer may need to do is link their e-mail or phone number to their purchase history.

The nature of these points and how they may be spent is up to you, with options like reducing the cost of a total order by a specific percentage or throwing in some free merchandise or service upon reaching a specific threshold.

While you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, you can certainly buy it a new collar or update its presentation. By this same token, there are plenty of old marketing techniques that can foster your business if you just tweak them a bit with new technologies; commercials, signage, and loyalty programs are just three such examples. Hopefully, this article has presented you with at least one new idea to apply to your own business.


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