3 Shingle Types For Your Home and How To Choose The Right One

An important part of any homeowner’s responsibilities is maintaining various aspects of their home. Your roof is an essential one that protects the rest of your house from natural elements like rain, snow, and sunlight. When it’s time to replace your roof, here are three types of shingles you should consider.

Strip Shingles

One of the most popularly used shingles is the strip shingle. Also referred to as the three-tab shingle due to their distinct cut, these shingles are made up of a single layer of asphalt. They have a relatively flat appearance that gives a uniform, slate look to your home. Since strip shingles are only one layer deep, they tend to be on the lower side of the weight and budget scale.

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Dimensional Shingles

The next type of roofing shingle is the dimensional shingle. This can also be referred to by professionals as laminate or architectural shingles. Becoming more and more popular in post-1980 homes, dimensional shingles offer two or more layers of asphalt as protection against the outdoor elements. Due to the thickness of the asphalt levels, these shingles tend to have a richer appearance of a multi-dimensional fashion. These shingles tend to be much heavier than strip shingles due to their multi-layer construction and tend to be more expensive to have installed.

Luxury Shingles

At the best quality level, your main option is to have a luxury shingle. This laminate-based shingle is manufactured with both functionality and dimensional appearance in mind for the homeowner. Unlike dimensional shingles, luxury shingles have a more premium appearance in both dimensionality and coloration. These types of shingles typically come in a wood shake or slate look. They have better weather protection than both strip and dimensional shingles. Luxury shingles weigh more than their competitors and come at a much steeper price point.

When it comes to picking out the right shingles for your home, it really depends on your individual budget and the look that you desire. If you’re just looking for a basic roof without much flair, then consider the strip shingles. They will be your most affordable option and provide good protection from the outdoor elements. If you’d like to give your roof a bit of flair without a gigantic jump in price, consider dimensional shingles for your home. If pricing is not an option, you can opt for luxury shingles that provide vibrant color and a multi-dimensional appearance that you’ll love.


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  • I really appreciate your discussion about luxury shingles and how they're more than just for decoration. I've worked really hard to get the two-story house property that I currently have, and I still have some savings leftover to commit to some renovations. Since I want this house to both look great and be structurally durable, I'll look for any roofing services that can get me these luxury shingles and install them.


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