3 Spring Cleaning Extras You’ll Thank Yourself Later for Doing

In Spring, even nature makes a fresh start on making things look nice. The robins are building nests and the daffodils are blooming, so it must be time for us to clean house too! Most people have a set list of standards to wipe, pack, or scrub, but a few extra Spring cleaning tasks this season will keep you smiling all the way to fall.

Purge Those Closets

This is always on everyone’s Spring cleaning list, but do most of us ACTUALLY follow through and really do a deep declutter each year? This year commit to the hard work of getting rid of all that extra stuff. Let go of the clothes that don’t fit, the leftover holiday gifts you still haven’t used, and the beat-up shoes that have seen the worst of the waning winter weather.

Going the extra step to declutter, not simply cleaning around it, will make two major differences for you. Without all that clutter in the way, you’ll be able to get through the smaller cleaning tasks so much faster and easier, you’re more likely to actually get to things like dusting. Second, all that extra room you created by purging your junk makes your space look bigger and more empty, giving you a clean spring feeling even if you never do get around to actually dusting.

Wash Those Windows

By the time you’ve decluttered all your stuff, you’re going to want to see all your lovely clean new space. What better way to throw light on your hard work than washing your windows? Wiping all the grime of winter off the outside of your home can be a pain, but when that soft springtime light filters through, your home will be filled with warmth, especially as the days get longer.

Always be safe, and considering hiring a professional if you live in an apartment complex or have more than one story. Even if you can’t get all the outside windows, take an hour to do the indoor window surfaces to remove fingerprints, dust, and smears for a dramatic improvement in light quality.

Get Clean Air

We usually think of spring cleaning as happening inside the home, but having clean air inside actually starts outdoors with the HVAC unit. Clean the outside of your unit gently with a soft broom to remove any yard debris that may have gathered over winter. Change your filters and schedule an annual HVAC maintenance appointment with a qualified local company. It may not seem important now during cool and sunny spring days, but it’s better to identify any problems with your unit now than waiting until the sweltering heat of summer to notice your air conditioner is broken.

Spring cleaning can be a chore, but taking the time for a few extras can pay off for the whole year. By decluttering your space, cleaning your windows, and taking care of your HVAC unit, you’ll be enjoying your home more this spring than ever before.


Author: Anica O

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