3 Ways To Get A Statement Exterior Stone Wall

Statement exterior stone walls are highly prized for their ability to increase curb appeal. There is a broad range of these walls that are composed of elegant or rustic natural stone or faux stone veneer. The difference between stone and veneer walls is availability of stone materials and price. Natural stone materials are slightly higher in price. However, when curb appeal and property value are considered, price is not an issue.

3 Ways To Get A Statement Exterior Stone Wall

Statement Stone Wall

The first consideration before you begin construction of a statement exterior stone wall is the statement you want your stone wall to make to passersby. The second consideration is how well the stone wall will coordinate or contrast with the building structure it will enhance. There are three ways to get a statement exterior stone wall that include studying statement exterior stone wall designs before you start construction, choosing an experienced, licensed stone mason and engaging the services of a reliable stone materials vendor.

Study Statement Exterior Stone Wall Designs

There is a wealth of stone wall designs from which to choose. For example, you may wish to have an exterior statement stone wall that surrounds an outdoor patio, barbecue or pool area. These can be designed with several types of natural stone or stone veneer. Other designs that make a show stopping exterior statement include a whimsical river rock stone wall that forms fencing along the front of property. Another design is a thick barrier stone wall that includes built-in lighting.

Careful Installation

No one knows stone like a stone mason. Choose a stone mason with a license or certification through your state’s department of the interior. Most stone mason contractors are licensed through the state such as in California. This ensures your stone masonry work follows state compliance regulations for construction, worker safety and also consumer protection.

Choose Your Stone

Your statement exterior stone wall is also a statement of your personal style. These stone walls are long lasting reflections of your desire for increased property value. Generally, a stone mason contractor offers suggestions regarding the type of stone for your wall and also provides designs that suit your needs and fit the style of your property and structure. Whether you choose gleaming marble, river rock or crushed stone for your construction material supplier to design and build, you want the finished wall to provide added scenic beauty.

Once you know the purpose for a statement exterior stone wall, construction and completion of the project provides years and years of admiration from neighbors in your community.


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