4 Common Renovation Projects For Older Homes

Older homes come with a wealth of projects. Many people term these older homes money pits. Here are some of the more common renovation projects for older homes:

4 Common Renovation Projects For Older Homes

Updating the Electrical

Depending on the age of the home, electrical may have to be updated. Some older homes may even still have the knob and tube electrical systems. Many mid-century homes have wiring that has cloth insulation. It may not be required to update the electrical, but it is a good idea. Modern appliances and fixtures can cause these older systems to overheat. This can present a fire hazard for your home. New wiring will also allow you to have more outlets and circuits. That way you aren’t running extension cords just to plug in your lamps.

Revamping the Plumbing

Galvanized plumbing corrodes over the years. Some homes may have a mix of copper and galvanized pipes. This causes corrosion at the joints if it wasn’t done properly. The resulting buildup in the pipe leads to low water pressure. It can also be prone to bursting. Getting new plumbing with the help of a professional, like that from Knights Plumbing & Drain, allows for you to have higher water pressure. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing that a pipe isn’t going to break in the walls. The resulting water damage can end up costing more than just re-plumbing your home. A new water heater can also help you get hot water faster.

Modernizing the Bathroom

Many older homes had cramped bathrooms. They may have been more closet sized. The fixtures are probably dated and due for a deep cleaning. Bringing these bathrooms into the future adds resell value to your home. Updated fixtures can add style as well as function. Most really old homes lacked a separate bath for the master bedroom. You may be able to add a bathroom suite to your old home. This not only increases the value of your home, but provides you with a private bathroom. Bathroom updates are a good value for your home.

Upgrading the Kitchen

Kitchens see so much use. Having a functional kitchen is important. Older homes tended to have kitchens that were closed off from the rest of the house. Some may not have been designed with a refrigerator in mind. Renovating the kitchen adds a huge amount of resell to your home. Consider getting cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. This allows for more storage space in the same footprint. You may be able to expand a kitchen into a formal dining area. This will allow for more of a open floor plan concept in your home.

Older homes can have a lot of charm. Consider these common renovation projects to bring your old home into the future.


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