4 Different Ways To Incorporate Numerology Into Your Every Day Life

Numerology relies on the idea that the universe is a system that can be broken down into a series of numbers that have personal significance in our lives. Despite the fact that there is some evidence that numerology has been used for many centuries, the term was first used in the English language in 1907. Once you discover your personal numbers, then here are some ways that you can use them in your daily life.

4 Different Ways To Incorporate Numerology Into Your Every Day Life

Determine When to Start a New Project

You can use your life path number to determine when it is time to start a new project. Start by finding your life path number by adding the day, month and year of your birth. For example, if you were born on 08-04-1962, then you would find your life path number by adding 8 +4+1+9+6+2= 30, and thee plus zero is three so this person should start new projects in years ending with three.

Determine Your Career Path

Your destiny number can show you what career is a perfect fit for you according to numerology. In order to discover your destiny number, start by writing down your original full name. Now, using the English alphabet, assign a letter value to each one. For example, A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on. Then, add each part of your name until you get a single digit. For example, Ruth would be four, Ann would be two and Murphy would be two. Add four, two and two together to get eight, and this individual should be a CEO or work in the financial field. Each number has a perfect career with ones being business owners, twos being counselors, threes being entertainers, fours being engineers, fives being project managers, sixes being teachers, sevens being psychologists and nines being health professionals.

Know Your Personality

Your destiny number can also be used to learn about your personality or that of another person. Ones are self-motivated but impatient, twos are supportive but moody and threes are imaginative but melodramatic. Meanwhile, fours are organized but inflexible, fives are adaptable but intolerant and sixes are nurturing but interfere often. Finally, sevens are analytical but secretive, eights are organized but domineering and nines are sympathetic but revengeful.

Find Your House

If you are instantly drawn to one number over all others, then chances are that it is your lucky number. When you go looking for a house to live in, then look for a house where the house number adds up to your lucky number. Many people who practice numerology believe that this number is sent to you from a spirit guide. You may start to notice that one number seems to be always present when you pay your shopping bill, look to see the current time and many other places. If you have trouble identifying your lucky number, then consult an online psychic to guide you.

If you are interested in numerology, then follow these ideas to find your numbers. Let them guide your path and you may soon be on the road to success.


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