4 Essential Oils Mentioned In The Bible & How They’ll Benefit Your Life

There are numerous types of oils mentioned in the Bible associated with mystical attributes. The modern day equivalent is essential oils. These oils have historical relevance due to their medicinal properties. Here are a few of the oils mentioned in the Bible and the benefits that they can provide.

4 Essential Oils Mentioned In The Bible & How They’ll Benefit Your Life


Frankincense oil was historically used as a “cure all” for any type of condition that ailed a person. Another common use was as an anointing oil for upper class newborns. It was also used for embalming and as a perfume. The ancients believed that it could enhance your ability to mediate and elevate your spiritual wellbeing. In modern times, frankincense essential oil is used as part of the healing process. It is thought to work by promoting cellular regrowth. This can be beneficial for those suffering from cancer and other types of degenerative conditions. It can have a wide range of other benefits. These include allergies, depression, and headaches. Some studies show that this type of oil can help with building the immune system. This can prove to be beneficial to those suffering with many types of illnesses.


Historically, Myrrh was used by pregnant mothers and those giving birth to reduce anxiety. They thought that the oil would protect them against communicable diseases. It was also believed that it would prevent their unborn babies from curses that were inherited. The use of the oil may have even provided a sense of euphoria. Frankincense and Myrrh both come from the same type of tree that produces a gum resin. Modern uses are as an antiseptic. It is also used for people that suffer with thyroid problems and other endocrine system conditions. Myrrh has been shown to be beneficial in treating thrush, athletes’ foot, and ringworm. This is most likely due to its antiseptic qualities. This type of essential oil is commonly used to extend the fragrance life of other types of essential oils.

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood comes from the bark of trees. It was historically used as a cleaning agent for those that were considered unclean. This extended to lepers and for those that handled dead bodies. Cedar wood is thought to be the first type of distilled oil. It was used in many other cultures across the ancient world. The typical use was as a disinfectant and in the embalming process. The modern uses are as an insect repellant and to treat certain types of skin disorders. These skin disorders include acne and psoriasis. Other uses are as a melatonin stimulant. Melatonin helps to promote healthy sleep. It is also thought to help improve mental clarity. This is most likely due to allowing you to sleep better at night. With improved sleep quality, you are more likely to be able to perform at your best.


The origin of Myrtle is from the leaves of trees. It was historically used for religious ceremonies and as a purification agent in rituals. The modern uses are as a thyroid treatment and for those that suffer with a hormone imbalance. This type of essential oil is good if you are suffering from a cold. It can be very soothing if you have a breathing problem such as asthma. It can also work as a natural decongestant. You may even receive some benefit from Myrtle if you are suffering with a sinus infection. There may be some benefit to certain skin conditions with this essential oil. These conditions include acne, psoriasis, and other types of blemishes. This type of essential oil is safe for using on children. It can even be used as a chest rub in younger kids.

Many of the oils mentioned in the Bible still have relevance today. They can aid in the treatment of many differing ailments. Not only can you look to the Bible for help and direction in your life, but you can look to it for help those ailments by following the ancient’s example in how they used essential oils as well.


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