4 Items You’ll Need To Rent When Repairing Your Roof On Your Own

As a homeowner, keeping your roof in tip-top shape is an important responsibility. Although some repairs require professional assistance, other repairs are doable on your own. In order to safely and properly complete these repairs, though, you’ll need to rent some special equipment.


To safely ascend to and descend from your roof, it’s important to have ladders that are tall enough to give you some leftover rungs when placed against your home. If you don’t own a ladder that’s tall enough, you’ll need to rent one for the duration of your repairs. To help make the job even easier, you can rent two ladders so that you can access your roof from the front or the back of your home without moving your ladder.


Repairing a roof produces a lot of debris. In many cases, this debris can be harmful to your landscaping or to people walking around your home. Therefore, it’s important to properly dispose of this debris as you create it. The best way to collect all of your roofing debris in one place is to rent one or more dumpsters or skip bins for your project. The nice thing about renting dumpsters is that the company you rent from will typically haul the bins away after your project is complete.

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Nail Gun

Unless you only have a small repair to do, you’ll be using lots of nails while repairing your roof. Trying to install hundreds of nails by hand will be a long and exhausting process. Therefore, it’s a good idea to rent a nail gun so that your repairs can be completed much more quickly and easily. Just be sure that you rent enough air line so that you can reach anywhere on your roof without needing to move the compressor.

Ladder Hoist

Roofing materials, for the most part, are quite heavy. This can make it dangerous to haul these materials up a ladder, even if you have another person helping you. One of the most helpful pieces of equipment you can rent to help with this is a ladder hoist. Hoists can either be manual or automatic, depending on what your rental budget is. No matter which type of hoist you choose, though, it’s important not to skip this piece of equipment.

Working on a roof can be quite unpredictable. You never know when you’ll have an urgent need and require the assistance of another individual. Therefore, in addition to the equipment that you rent, it’s a good idea to have your phone on your person at all times. This will allow you to get in touch with someone if you find yourself in need of a helping hand.


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