4 Maintenance Checklist Items to Keep in Mind When Operating a Plant

Maintenance in the industry field revolves around routine inspections, repairs, tests, replacements, and servicing that help contain the frequency and impact of machine failure and damage. Maintenance has proven to be a cost-effective procedure that prevents you from incurring escalated costs after machine failure. Here are four maintenance items to keep checking when operating a plant.




Lighting is essential in your operating area for convenience purposes and to prevent accidents. Check out for any burned-out lamps and replace them with bulbs that have the same color temperature. Ensure that all exit and entrance lighting are installed and functioning correctly. Clean out any lamp lenses and glasses that have accumulated dust and replace any worn out lighting cables and hardware.


Pneumatics and HVAC Systems


Normally, this will look into systems that control the atmospheric condition of the plant as well as other machines that may use pressurized air. Examine to see if the air pressure is as required and if the air filters are functioning. Inspect the condition of any electrical and mechanical hardware connections such as fire tube steam boiler, motors, duct work piping, and insulation. Also, be sure to monitor oil levels in air compressor pumps and change once it becomes too dirty.




Every workplace is required by the law to have stipulated adequate safety measures. Check to see if all first aid kits are restocked and replaced with fresh supplies. Install safety signs and labels in appropriate areas of the plant to prevent accidents. Ensure that all protective gear is made from quality material and are replaced after wear and tear. You may also want to inspect the fire extinguishers and ensure that they are all in proper working conditions.




Most machines run on electrical systems. You cannot afford to ignore the electrical system in your plant. Change defective batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, test instruments, and flashlights. Inspect the photocells and timers to ascertain that they are in proper working conditions. Exhaust fans should be cleaned regularly. Cover plates are also an integral component when inspecting the electrical system. All machines should run smoothly if the electrical network functions correctly.


In conclusion, the above items should always be present in your maintenance checklist when looking to run the plant smoothly. Ensure that the maintenance schedules are frequent to keep everything in proper shape, giving you less trouble in the long run.


Author: Kandace H

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