4 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement This Winter

A damp or leaky basement is problematic in several ways. Moisture can damage the foundation of the home and cause it to crumble or weaken. Sometimes mold can develop, which is unsightly as well as hazardous to human health. A damp smell makes it difficult to store things in the basement or use the space as a family room or spare bedroom. For these and other reasons, waterproofing your basement is a good investment in keeping your home solid, comfortable, and usable. Here’s why you should consider waterproofing it this winter.

4 Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement This Winter

Less Busy

Many people enjoy a slower pace of life during the winter, especially if they work outdoors in occupations like landscaping or construction. Others with indoor jobs often get an extended holiday break with extra days off from work. Waterproofing the basement can be done in a day or two in most cases, so this is a great time of year to take care of it.

Discounted Products

Because winter is the “off” season for construction jobs and building materials, you may be able to find basement waterproofing products and supplies at reduced cost. Check building supply outlets and home improvement stores or browse online to get good prices on the items you will need to waterproof your basement. If you decide to hire help for the job, you can probably find construction workers or someone with an outdoor job who would happily assist with the basement during the winter more quickly than in the summer, when outdoor work is in high gear. He or she might work at lower cost than usual as well.

Be Ready for Spring

Waterproofing your basement in cold weather means it will be ready for springtime use. When it’s time for spring cleaning, your basement will be ready to store all the seasonal furniture and packed-up winter clothing that you will not need for several months without concerns about mildew or a moldy smell. The waterproofed basement can also handle any overflow of winter toys or equipment that the shed or garage cannot hold.

Free Time in Summer

Taking care of the basement during the winter can free up your household chore list for summer. It will be one less thing to do when warm weather arrives. No one wants to spend a hot summer day in the basement applying weatherproofing material when they can be outdoors doing yardwork or having fun.

A waterproofed basement makes it more usable and secure from moisture. Get your waterproofing out of the way before nice weather gets here.


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