4 Software Programs That Help Property Managers With Large Portfolios

Being a property manager for a career is no easy task. You have to be a jack of all trades to properly manage a piece of real estate. The work you may be required to do can include things like screening tenants, collecting rent, fixing plumbing problems, mowing the lawn and much more. When you have to manage multiple properties, the work can quickly get overwhelming. Thankfully, software can help property managers deal with that large workload.

Yardi Breeze

One choice you should certainly consider is Yardi Breeze. This property management software suite was designed specifically for the needs of small to medium sized businesses. It has the ability to automate many different property management tasks such as reminding clients to pay their rent and creating reports. It can help a property manager perform accounting functions, manage insurance coverage, build a website for the properties in the portfolio and much more.

Smart World Pro

Another excellent choice is Smart World Pro software. This software was designed specifically for those that have to manage large building projects including significant real estate portfolios. If your portfolio is rather large and includes properties with varied layouts, facilities and needs, Smart World Pro is probably the best choice. It is especially good at helping you collect and analyze all the data from your various properties in real time. It is powerful software.

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If you want a more smart phone focused solution for your property management needs, AppFolio may be the best option for you. It has features designed for all different kinds of real estate including apartment complexes, college dorms, condos, commercial business space and more. It is mobile geared and easy to use with any mobile device. It allows you to manage all the different aspects of a portfolio including payment processing, maintenance management, lease management and more.


Another choice is Propertyware. What sets Propertyware apart from other options for property management software is the fact that it is cloud powered. If you prefer your software to be powered by the cloud so you can avoid some of the tech management issues of regular software, Propertyware is an excellent choice. It also allows for a wide array of customization of its different features and modules. Customization is great for those managing unique properties and tenants.

Overall, if you have a large portfolio of properties to manage, property management software is a must. It can help make an extremely complex and overwhelming job much more manageable. Search for a software package that has features geared to your needs as a property manager.


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