4 Steps to Prep for Moving Into a New Home

If you’re planning to move into a new home, then you should know that moving in and unpacking immediately isn’t the best way to go. Right now, the home is empty and ready for you to make final adjustments before you make it yours; don’t waste that. The following are four important tasks you will need to accomplish before you bring your stuff in and start unpacking.

Replace the Flooring

If you were to bring your family into a new home with carpets in it, you are sure to have problems. Some of your family members have allergies, and carpets are notorious for holding on to allergens. So, before you move your family in to your new home, you will want to replace the carpeting with hard flooring that is much easier to keep clean and allergy free. Preferably, this will be sturdy tile or other surface that will handle spills well, because you do have young children who are prone to making messes with various kinds of foods and drinks.

Painting the Walls

Before you start moving your stuff in, you may want to take advantage of an uncluttered home to do any painting you want to get out of the way. While you like the inside layout of the home, the color scheme is not to your liking, and you want to change the paint so it better matches your flooring options from before. In addition, since you have not moved in yet, this will give your new home a few days to air out. Your family will certainly appreciate not having to breathe in fresh paint fumes.

Changing the Locks

One of the first things you want to do is to get busy changing all the locks on your new home’s doors and windows. To do this right, you will want to check into locksmith services in your area. You want to make sure the locks are installed the right way for security purposes. Plus, swapping out locks looks harder to you than it probably is and you are trying to get things finished as quickly as possible.

Testing the Water and Plumbing

Another key to getting your new home ready to be inhabited involves making sure your water and plumbing are in order. Checking your plumbing for any problems is going to let you know if water and sewage are properly moving through your pipes as they should, or if you need any kind of repair work done on your pipes. Having your water tested will also alert you to any issues where you may need a water softener or a water filter. The water in your new home should be safe to use for drinking as well as doing laundry.

The perfect home typically isn’t something you can buy and move into right away. Even the nicest homes can use some final touches, and it’s best to get those done before you move your belongings in. Don’t get settled before you’ve considered these four important steps to make your home truly ready for you and your family.


Author: Anica O

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