4 Things That Will Impress High-Profile Clients & Partners About Your Business

The best way to stay profitable is to always make an extra effort to attract and retain customers and valuable business partners. Strong relationships aren’t easy to come by. The first step should be making a good impression. It builds trust that helps to close deals, and it’s a positive reaction to your business that they can take with them and pass on to others. Here are some ideas for making the right impression on your business prospects.

4 Things That Will Impress High-Profile Clients & Partners About Your Business

Show Off Accomplishments

Don’t hesitate to display evidence of your expertise around your offices, especially the lobby. If you’ve won industry awards, earned certifications, or hit milestones, hang them up around the office at eye level or in large format so visitors won’t miss it. Add product photos or infographics where possible, as images are easier to process. Be certain to display achievements in the offices or conference rooms where meetings will be held.

Alert Employees

When important clients or potential business associates are scheduled for a visit, be sure to let employees know a few days beforehand, the day before, and the morning of the visit. Send memos reminding them to dress professionally and be on their best behavior, even if it’s just a friendly smile and nod in passing. They should also keep busy, without acting rushed or overwhelmed, and be mindful of both the volume and tone of their conversations. You want to give the impression of a happy, dedicated workforce. This is a clear indication of good management.

Clean It Up

Everything must be sparkling clean in the areas where visitors will pass through. Desks and cubicles should be orderly, questionable items stored out of sight, and clutter removed from around office printers and work areas. It’s a good idea to sweep floors and vacuum carpets within a half-hour of the scheduled arrival. Dirt, mess, and clutter are unpleasant to everyone, and within your business premises it can suggest laziness or neglect. Make a visual inspection before visitors arrive to be sure everything is in order.

Redesign the Office

Part of your preparations for your important visitors should be judging the overall aesthetics of your offices. Unsightly elements should be removed, repaired, or covered up. You should think about adding some more impressive elements to your surroundings, such as artwork. Look for creative design ideas that will make your company memorable. Part of the office makeover should include making your visitors feel welcomed with elegant floor signs celebrating their arrival, particularly in the front lobby and conference room.

These are a few good ideas to start with. Remember that every important visitor is an opportunity for you to show off the quality of company.


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