4 Useful Sales Force CRM Clouds That Will Be Good For Your Business

A successful business is the one that puts its customers’ interests first. When the customers receive the best kind of treatment or attention, then sales and revenue will shoot up. On the other hand, businesses whose operations are not streamlined will face more challenges, making it almost impossible to rise beyond the basic minimum level. Fortunately, there is a system that has been put in place to ensure that organizations take care of their operations and their customers, as well as help them manage their time and goals.

4 Useful Sales Force CRM Clouds That Will Be Good For Your Business

This is where the Sales force CRM system comes in. CRM, which is an acronym for customer relationship management, was crafted so that organizations could keep everything organized and in sync with the companies’requirements. What is even more interesting is the fact that this customer relationship management system impacts businesses at every level, for example, boosting efficiency, chasing customers, increasing profitability, controlling marketing, increasing awareness, managing customer relationships and so much more.

Today, small, midsize and big organizations are all relying on the customer relationship management software that thanks to salesforce dx has seen them improve their business operations, focus on their customers more and above all boost productivity within the organizations.So, as a business owner who has never used Sales force CRM before, it is time you considered using it.

The Salesforce CRM software is built of different clouds that make it one of the most reliable systems for successful businesses.

  • Service cloud

Just like the name suggests, the service cloud focuses on giving good customer service. And as well know, when the customer service is on point, then the customers will be happier, which is a good thing for your business success. So, the bases of the service cloud are to focus on customer complaints, customer enquiries, as well as find the best solutions for different customer cases.

So, how does this work? Well, a service administrative can create a case on a customer’squery or a grievance, and then the corresponding solution to such an issue is stored in a solution object. For example, a functionality like ‘email to case’ is used to ensure that different cases are automatically created in the CRM as per the customer emails.

  • Sales cloud

The sales cloud, which is the sales module in Sales force, is all about leads, financial records, links, contracts, products, the books, opportunities, quotes, and campaigns. Basically, the sales cloud is the world’s best application for managing accounts and business opportunities.

  • Marketing cloud

This application defines itself. It is the best application that businesses can turn to for their marketing purposes. In simple terms, the marketing cloud with Salesforce helps in creation and execution of email promotions, marketing campaigns, awareness campaigns and more.

  • Custom cloud

Custom fields and custom workflows are some of the standard objects that can be created with custom cloud applications. Basically, this application focuses on the regular dealings within the organization. Without the custom cloud, it is almost impossible for businesses and organizations to fulfill their customer relationships management user needs.


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