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4 Ways Companies Can Find New Drivers For Shipping Fleets

If you want to ensure that your customers get your products in their hands-on time, you need to maintain a quality shipping fleet. One of the most crucial components of a successful shipping fleet is a group of dedicated drivers whom you can rely on. Therefore, if you want to grow your shipping fleet, you need to have the right tools to attract new drivers so that you can get your trucks on the road.

Utilize Social Media

With so many people from so many different backgrounds on social media, this is a great place to start when looking for new drivers. By posting sponsored ads through your company’s page, you can create an instant connection with potential drivers and have a method of communication to pursue them further. When creating the ads, keep in mind the type of driver you’re trying to attract so that you don’t waste your advertising dollars.

Offer Free Exams

For drivers to stay on the road, they need an up-to-date DOT physical exam. One unique way to attract drivers, then, is to offer free DOT exams to potential drivers or existing drivers who are thinking about a career change. By helping them clear this hurdle, they will see that you are serious about attracting talent, which will make them more likely to join your company. You can also help direct them to CDL certification courses and other necessary certifications to help get them on your fleet.

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Think About How You Pay Recruiters

If you utilize recruiters to bring in new drivers, it’s important to think about your pay structure for these recruiters. If your recruiters are paid on commission, you may have a harder time attracting new talent. This is because commission-based recruiters tend to overlook some of the more difficult aspects of being a driver so that they can attract more people. However, once someone gets a true taste of trucking, they’ll realize how tough it can be and will discourage others from joining your company.

Look Within

While not everyone is cut out to be a truck driver, you might be surprised when you look within your own company and find that there are some individuals who do have what it takes. The best part of hiring from within is that these individuals already understand your company’s culture, meaning it will take less time to train them and get them on the road. Plus, during slow times, you may be able to cross-utilize these individuals so that you can get work done around your facility.

Once you’ve hired new drivers for your fleet, your focus must be on retention. Hiring a new driver represents a significant investment that you don’t want to waste by quickly losing a good employee. Let your drivers know how much they are appreciated so that they will remain loyal to your company for years to come.

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