4 Ways To Renovate and Decorate Your Home To Impress Everyone

As the economy continues to bounce up and housing markets are becoming more competitive, many homeowners are taking time to invest in their homes. According to the Residential Remodeling Index, remodeler confidence continues to rise and is even better than it was before the economy sank in 2008. Check out these four ways to make an impressive change in a home with a renovation, remodel or redecoration.

4 Ways To Renovate and Decorate Your Home To Impress Everyone

Use Minimalistic Designs in the Bathroom

Because bathrooms can develop crowded looks, they are great places to use minimalistic designs, such as flat-front vanities, bathtubs with clean lines and plain glass shower doors. Another good option is the floating toilet, which hides the water tank behind the wall. Many homeowners find that minimalistic designs actually save them money because traditional designs require more perfectionism and heavier pieces, such as claw foot tubs, vanities with scrollwork, and bulky mirrors.

Build a New Space

Homeowners hoping to make a major visible change could consider redesigning the layout of the home. This could include opening up the floor plan by breaking out walls, splitting up a very large space or changing the workflow in the kitchen. Some companies, like Westgyp, realize that most of these changes require using new drywall, a process that is often easy enough for a DIY job. After prepping the drywall, cover it with an eye-catching wallpaper in a small space, or paint it in a contemporary neutral, such as dove gray.

Use Unexpected Lighting

Change the feel of the home with unexpected lighting, such as a chandelier over the master bed or in a walk-in closet. Hang pendant lamps at the bedside instead of traditional table lamps, or hang lighted LED mirrors in the bathroom. Some light fixtures are designed to be art and really pop in a living room.

Find Ways to Increase Natural Light

Because light is so important in the home, try to incorporate natural light as much as possible. Add a skylight or open up new windows in frequently used rooms during a remodel. Even adding mirrors can increase reflected light in a dark room with small windows.

Some of the most impressive renovations are those that make major changes in the layout of the room or the color scheme of the home. These changes make the entire space appear new and provide the most power in wowing visitors. Plus, by recycling furnishings or purchasing building supplies or fixtures that are slightly used, homeowners can shave a major percentage off the cost of renovation.


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