4 Ways to Spice Up a Longstanding Intimate Relationship

Many love relationships come and go, but the longest ones require both partners to commit to making their relationship work. Even the most longstanding relationships aren’t easy. By making a dedicated effort to reignite the intimacy between each other, partners are able to keep the flame alive. Read on for four ways to spice up long-term relationships.

Explore Roleplaying

Roleplaying is a thrilling way for partners to bring excitement back to the bedroom. When roleplaying, bother partners act out a fantasy as they both express themselves and their deepest desires. This process is an exploration of submission, dominance, and any sexual interests that allow couples to be their truest selves with one another.

As roleplaying requires both partners to be honest with each other about their deepest desires, it is very effective at boosting intimacy between couples. By putting fears and shame aside, partners are able to take their relationship to the next level as they grow to know each other in a more intimate way.

Buy New Lingerie

Relationships tend to feel duller as partners get used to doing and seeing the same things. Couples that may have been initially incredibly attracted to their partners may find that this attraction fades over time. Bringing lingerie into the mix helps both partners feel like the sexiest version of themselves. As their confidence skyrockets with the help of new lingerie, this sexiness will spill over into the bedroom helping both partners feel even more attracted to each other.

While most lingerie companies cater mostly to women, there are several options for men as well. Mens bikini underwear gives men the opportunity to bring a new sense of energy and confidence to their intimate time with their partner.

Get Relationship Counseling

Openness and honesty is a powerful way to boost intimacy between partners as 92% of couples report being more attracted to their partner when they are more vulnerable. Relationship counseling teaches couples how to improve their vulnerability as they work to overcome any misunderstanding, miscommunication, or baggage from the past. Though counseling takes hard work and patience, partners will undoubtedly benefit from their time in therapy.

Write Surprise Notes

Surprise love notes are more powerful than many people think. Whether it’s a cute post-it in a bagged lunch or a “good morning” text sent while one partner is on their way to work, taking the time to share spontaneous thoughts of love will help keep couples close. In a long-term relationship, it’s easy for one or both partners to feel as though the other person is losing interest or is taking them for granted. Taking the time to write these notes reminds partners that their significant other prioritizes them and is constantly thinking about them.

Long-term relationships don’t have to fizzle out. When both partners are dedicated to making their relationship work, anything is possible. Keep these four suggestions in mind as you work to boost the intimacy in your relationship.


Author: Anica O

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