5 Best Caring Tips to Look After Your Indoor Plants This Autumn

Autumn is undoubtedly a phase of beauty in the overall season change that reminds us of the transition from the scorching heat of the summer to the soul-shivering chills of winter. Also known as the fall autumn isn’t just about having fun during the festivals of Thanksgiving and Halloween but it is also about the hues of yellow, red, orange, brown and more.

During autumn everything in nature starting from plants to animal initiate their preparation for hibernation and as you know plants stop making their food. Less sunlight and drier indoors withers the indoor plants and the leaves start falling. It is this time when you need to take special care of your little indoor plants that give you a feel of nature and to smile in your hectic routine. You can’t just buy some of the best air purifying plants online to get clean air from theminside your home or office. You must follow good gardening practices or plants caring tips to care for them. Given below are best 5 caring tips that can help to make your plants to stay awake and thrive in the lazy autumn season:

  1. Make sure that your plants get enough light

Autumn is already making your plants sleep and you need to wake them up by providing them ample light. As the day in autumn are much shorter you surely need to switch the position of your indoor plants and check whether they are getting enough light or not.

Suggested Tips – Ensure that you let enough light in.

2.    Minimize or eliminate fertiliser usage

Your plants would be already going under so much of pressure because of their low metabolism. Don’t use fertilizers because you never know the amount of nutrition that they would need in seasonal changes like autumn.

Suggested Tips – Ignore fertilizers or use organic fertilizers.

3.    Indulge small changes

You don’t need to invest your time in changing the larger things; you can also try making differences in small ways like grouping the plants closer because plants release water into the air and placing them closer to each other would increase the humidity level in the air. You can use a humidifier or use pebbles in the pot to make the water rise so that this will raise humidity in the surrounding.

Suggested Tips – Place the plants closer to make the humidity level adequate.

4.    Prevent Bugs

Your plants are already going through the sleep phase and in such an adverse situation you will surely not try to make the condition worse. There is no denying from the fact that indoor plant bugs breed indoors during the fall and if you don’t find a way of treating them the right way then this can be fatal for your plants.

Suggested Tips – Prevent bugs from invading your garden.

5.    Take care of the humidity

Cut back on watering and know that in colder months plant need less water as they are getting less light and growing slowly. Water your plants in every alternate days and make sure that the indoors are dry. Before watering make sure that the soil is dry before watering again.

Suggested Tips – Cut back on watering.

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Who said autumn is the season to sleep? Autumn is the season to wake up and care a little more about your little green plants. Care for your indoor plants this autumn or just buy some fresh and high quality indoor plants available online for sale as an easy buy option for you and add some sprightly vibe to your home.


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