5 Exotic Cigars for Your Taste and Lifestyle

Cigars are tasty. They are different from regular cigarettes. Moreover, one cigar may taste different from the others. Once you find a cigar that meets your taste, you will have inclination only to smoke that particular cigar. Some people will only want to smoke one famous cigar over the rest. Moreover, people smoke cigar not merely because of their taste. It’s also about the high-end lifestyle they’re currently maintaining. Here are 5 best cigars you can smoke for your taste and lifestyle:

  1. Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Torpedo: This cigar is special because it can give you a liquid feel in your mouth. If you want a great flavor cigar, as well as attractive-looking cigar, this is the best you can grab. The brown color of this cigar gives elegant feel when you smoke it. Made in Nicaragua, this cigar has been called a delicious cigar because of the combination of earth, espresso, and sweet chocolate that it provides.
  2. Rocky Patel Decade Toro: The mint flavor in this cigar will give you a smooth flavor that will tease your mouth. It burns slowly, giving you more time to finish this cigar. For more enjoyment, you can let it sit and burn for a while. In this way, you will add more intense flavor from this cigar. This is great for special occasions. A nice color and look of this cigar will bring you more style when you smoke it.
  3. Acid KubaKuba24ct: If you want a cigar that has good scent that everyone around you will enjoy, then this cigar is for you.Actually, the secret of its great smell is in the oils.This is perfect for you if you dislike the smell of tobacco.It has the combination of essential oils, natural botanicals, herbs, and spices. Additionally, this cigar tastes great, though it gives more weight in the aromatic scent.
  4. Camacho Corojo Churchill 25ct: This is a high quality cigar with solid taste. It is handmade from special aged and genuine tobacco that will give you a great taste and smell. Camacho Corojo will give you a great and smooth smoking experience for your ultimate taste.  You can feel the solid flavor in this cigar because of the main ingredient used in it, which is two-year aged tobacco from Corojo leaf. It gives nice aroma and smell in your breath that will surely make your friends and family like it.
  5.  LigaUndercrownBelicoso 25ct: This is a premium cigar made in special blend with Brazilian and Nicaraguan fillers. The wrapper that is used for this cigar is high quality Mexican Otapan wrapper, which is smooth and creamy.This is a cigar that will give premium look on you.It provides sweet aroma that will attract people’s attention to you. Moreover, the flavor itself is very rich. With the Mexican Otapan wrapper which is creamy in nature, it gives this cigar a combination of flavor that you will want to taste often.

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