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5 Preventative Tips To Improve Warehouse Safety

Certain safety hazards may be lurking in your warehouse, so it’s important to do everything possible as a manager to keep your employees out of harm’s way. Implementing the proper safety measures can prevent bodily injuries and may also save you from having to deal with workers’ compensation claims and possible lawsuits. Here are five preventative tips to improve warehouse safety.

Have the Proper Signage for Hazardous Zones

There are specific signs that you can get that mark where hazardous zones are located within your warehouse. Signs that warn of flammable gas, chemical storage and electrocution hazards can be put up around certain areas so that workers will know to take special precautions or avoid accessing those areas. Signs that warn employees never to smoke or never to access certain areas without proper authorization can also make your warehouse safer.

Implement Equipment Safety Training

Even if you believe that your employees have no trouble using the equipment in your warehouse, you should still insist on equipment safety training regularly. This training will teach and remind your employees how to handle equipment in ways that lessen the chances of workplace hazards. This is particularly important with heavy machine that requires a trained operator, like scissor lifts. And if you get any used scissor lifts for sale, make sure you buy them from a reputable supplier. Your workers should also be trained on how to use them safely. You can have your employees watch videos, read manuals that include quizzes or hire a safety instructor to train your staff.

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Ensure Good Ventilation

A poorly ventilated warehouse can diminish air quality and make your employees more susceptible to respiratory problems. Fumes from chemicals and machinery along with vehicle exhaust can sit inside your warehouse and cause illnesses and breathing difficulties for some people if your location doesn’t have good air flow. Air conditioners and ventilation systems can be used to ensure better ventilation.

Have a First Aid Kit Handy

Having a first aid kit will be especially important for your warehouse staff. The kit should be stocked with supplies like adhesive bandages, antiseptic and medical gloves. Burn dressings and ointment should also be included if your employees are at risk for getting burn injuries on the job. Scissors, splints and hand sanitizer are other good items to include in your warehouse first aid kit.

Ensure Dress Code and Safety Equipment Usage

Your employees shouldn’t be allowed to wear loose-fitting clothing that could get caught in machinery or pallets. Work boots or shoes that are made from durable materials with slip-resistant soles should be worn by your warehouse staff. It’s also important to insist that your employees wear hard hats, safety goggles and cut-resistant gloves to ensure a safer work environment. Special back braces that provide support when manually lifting heavy objects are also good to have.

Your warehouse can be a less dangerous work setting if the proper safety protocol is in order. Doing your job to insist that these safety measures are followed at all times will help make your work environment safer for everyone.

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