5 Reasons Why Live Is Better When You Teach Your Dog Obedience

Making the decision to get a dog is not one which should be taken lightly. Once you take ownership of a dog you are responsible for its welfare, its needs and its behavior. If your dog attacks someone or injures them it is you who will be responsible. Although the decision is often made in the blink of an eye there can be far reaching repercussions.

One of the biggest issues you may face is getting your dog to do what you want them to. Sitting and staying are relatively easy to teach, but there can be a huge difference between your dog obeying a command in your sitting room to in a crowded hall or on a beach where they are many other distractions. The best approach is to attend a dog obedience class and make sure that your dog understands what is expected of them and how they should react in any given situation.

5 Reasons Why Live Is Better When You Teach Your Dog Obedience

There are five good reasons why your life will be better if you teach your dog obedience:

  1. Life Skills – For You and Your Dog: A dog needs to be taught what is expected of them in any given situation, whether playing at home with you and the family or at the beach with lots of other people and dogs around. This also provides the opportunity for your dog to learn and respond to specific commands. Ones such as sit and stay can be essential to stop them running into a road when your hands are full.

  2. Relationship: A dog which has been to dog obedience training will build a rapport with you as their trainer. They will build a relationship with you, which is based on trust and respect. This relationship is essential to ensure they are well adjusted and responsive, regardless of what else is going on. Having a relationship with you will mean that they respond to you, your commands and your demands.

  3. Sociability: It is important for dogs to be sociable with other dogs and people. This must be ingrained into them when they are young and the best way to do this is through training. A sociable dog can be taken anywhere with confidence; they are adjusted to meeting other people and animals and may well leave other people commenting on how well behaved they are.

  4. Happiness: A dog will generally be happier once they have had obedience training. This is because training will allow you to establish boundaries. Your dog does not then need to stress, or worry about behaving badly; providing they stay within the boundary lines you have set. Most dogs are intelligent and will quickly realize what is and is not acceptable. They will be happy to stay within the comfort zone and you will, in turn, be happy to take them out with you. A dog which is not trained properly will end up spending much of their time at home.

  5. Confidence: Dog obedience training will give you the confidence to handle your door properly in any situation. You will be able to confidently take your dog anywhere, knowing that they will respond to your commands and be a credit to you. As already mentioned, this will make you more likely to take the dog place with you. 


Author: Ryan