5 Steps To An Organized Garage

Organising a garage can be a difficult task. With tools and gardening equipment, bikes, car parts and all sorts of other knick-knacks, a garage can become overrun with items very quickly. It is important to organize the garage so you can find things easily and keep it clean, tidy and hygienic. Read on for five steps to a more organized space.

5 Steps To An Organized Garage

1.      Plan Storage

First, you need to assess the space in your garage and plan the storage of all your items. Think about what needs to be stored and where it should be placed. Make sure you use the vertical space and the walls by adding hooks and shelves where needed. Dangerous items or chemicals and sharp equipment should ideally be locked in a cupboard.

2.      Use Zones

It is best to organize the garage into zones for different things. So many items are stored in a garage, and they should be sorted into types. Think about car parts and supplies, bike parts and supplies, gardening equipment and tools, sports equipment, recycling, and so on. Each person will have their own zones depending on their hobbies and activities.

5 Steps To An Organized Garage

3.      Sort Clutter

A garage can easily become a dumping ground for unwanted items. Make sure you get rid of anything you don’t need anymore. Some things can be recycled, and others can be given away to charity; throw away items if they are broken. Even sentimental items can be organized and de-cluttered with some careful planning.

4.      Spring Clean

Cleaning thoroughly will help you to organize the items because it is always easier to keep clean areas tidy. Clean from top to bottom starting with the ceiling and walls and moving down to the floor. Scrub to remove dirt and mold and any chemical residues. Put small items on appropriate garage shelving units, such as those available from various garage shelving stockists in the UK.

5.      Maintenance

After you have cleaned the space, removed any unwanted items, sorted through the clutter, and found appropriate zones for all your items, you need to maintain this clean and tidy space. The best way to keep an area tidy is to clean as you go and pick up after yourself. Give it a weekly sweep to make sure items are tidy and clean. Carry out small re-organizing tasks regularly to keep on top of it.


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