5 Surefire Ways To Maximize Home Efficiency Without Installing Solar Panels

Nowadays people are becoming more aware and looking for the various ways to save on energy. Conserving energy not only helps to save on money, but it also ensure the better environment, future and these are the reasons why people are making genuine efforts to conserve energy. In total energy efficient homes conserve energy, reduce green house gas emission, unnecessary energy consumption and above all decrease the demand for non-renewable resources. Energy efficient homes truly provide significant savings over conventional homes. There are many ways that you can adopt to make your home energy efficient.


Here I am throwing light on the top listed ways to turn your home into the most efficient space.

1: Improve Insulation Of Your Home

According to the research proper insulation can lower home’s heating and cooling cost by 30%. You all can start with air sealing method to completely insulate the home. Improper insulation can make your home cold in winter months by letting out a lot of heat outside. This can add up on your bills and this can also be detrimental to the environment. Proper insulation can dramatically improve comfort during the hottest and coldest months of the year. You can try air sealing attic this can stop many major air leaks and this helps to maintain the desired temperature throughout the home. Air sealing entire home including duct system is to make home more energy efficient and comfortable.

2: Energy Star Shingles

Whenever you install a new roof or repair an old one always consider Energy-star approved reflective shingles. Reflective shingles have the ability to cool down the home, thus lessening the usage of heating and cooling equipments in respective months. Energy star shingles comes in a variety of colors. They are designed with special granules that make shingles more reflective than standard asphalt.

3: Balanced Roof Ventilation

Balanced ventilation is important to reduce the heat build-up in attic. Ventilation system maintain the flow of air with the proper intake and exhaust of air in the home. An ideal and balanced ventilation means having proper intake air at the rim and exhaust at the roof vents that result in attic temperature being as close to the outside temperature as possible. If you spot odds like roof venting deficiencies, insulation defects and attic condensation problems call new york roofing contractors to fix that without any delay.

4: Consider Replacing Windows

I am sure that you all know windows can cause you to loose cool air in summers and heat in colder months. It is important to figure out whether your windows are energy efficient or not. It is a wise move to choose double panel windows and other vinyl frames over single pane windows and aluminum frames. Tinting windows and keeping your blinds open is another way to let some light in and it won’t take your much time. If you have trouble, you could always hire a professional to install window or another window installation expert.

5: Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances are meant to do more with less energy. Such appliances not only benefit you in terms of saving on money, but it also benefits your country and world. Nowadays market is flooded with energy star certified appliances to make a world better. Overuse of energy star appliances has also disadvantages. Turn off you appliances when they are not in use.

Planting shady landscaping is also an effortless way to protect your home from direct sun rays during hotter months and chilly winds during colder months. Energy efficient homes are not only beneficial for family members, but they also improves the economy as well. It is very important to think of energy efficient homes to improve the national security and to enhance the quality of life.


Author: Evie Dawson

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