5 Tips To Create A Top Family Day Out In London

Having your own kids gives you an excuse to act like one yourself! Days out with the family can be so much fun. And London is an amazing place to visit, as it’s so culturally and historically rich. Plus, there’s lots of free stuff to do!

However, a trip to London does have the potential to turn into a hectic mess, where you lose the smallest one in a crowd or forget to bring enough nappies with you. Family days out take time and planning; especially in the big city. Here are a few tips to consider, before you set out:


Plan In Advance

Online, there are plenty of deals and vouchers off family-friendly activities. Plan your family day out in advance, taking advantage of these cut-price tickets. Plus, if you put the London trip in your calendar months in advance, you’ll have more than enough time to work out the finer details.

Compare prices online and give yourself an itinerary of activities. Don’t forget a city map and mark on all your destinations. You really don’t want to get lost in London city with a gaggle of kids in your wake.

Leave Early

You may want to throw your alarm clock out of the window, when it comes to your precious weekends…but no such luck for this trip, we’re afraid. Travel during quiet times and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. It’s wise to leave an hour early. That way, you’re sure to get there with time to spare –  a great opportunity to grab a morning coffee.

You want to make the most of your time, seeing as you’ve made the effort to travel, so give yourself a whole day to tackle London at your leisure. Then get everyone home in time for their dinner.

Try Something New

It’s easy to get stuck in the same family routine. If you always go out for Nando’s, try something new like French cuisine. Exposing your children to lots of different experiences, tastes, and sights is great for their development….it also stops them from moaning quite as much. And you’re in luck – diversity is London’s speciality.

Travel By Train

Instead of fretting about where on earth you’ll park your car in London city, travel by train. You can get 1/3 off rail prices with a family and friend railcard. The kids will even get 60% off their fare too! Adults can enjoy a nerve-steadying bevvy and won’t have to worry about driving back afterwards. Plus, it’s good for the environment!

Be Prepared

Pack a rucksack for everyone. Make sure that you include snacks and water, as it’s not always convenient (or cost-effective) to buy food and fluids during the day. Take a first aid kit for minor accidents, as well as an array of games and books for entertaining the kids during the journey. If little ones stray from the pack, make sure they carry a piece of paper with your contact details on it, and teach them to approach police officers, rather than strangers.

This post has been produced by lifestyle blogger Ava. Looking for more days out for kids? Try a Knowsley Safari Experience day out for an exciting adventure they’ll never forget!


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