5 Ways To Make Your Car The Cleanest It’s Ever Been

Keeping your vehicle clean is something everyone struggles with, even the neatest of “neat freaks” and cleanest of “clean freaks.” Dealing with school, work, children, recreation, exercise, and other obligations makes spending free time on one’s vehicle difficult. Even when you do make time, returning the motor vehicle to its factory condition is more than a difficult task. Along with tuning up your car at an auto shop like Evans Tire & Service Centers, look into these five methods of returning your vehicle to the cleanest condition it’s ever been in.

5 Ways To Make Your Car The Cleanest It's Ever Been

Getting rid of stubborn pet hair

Every car owner who owns or has babysat a pet understands the frustration of removing pet hair from fabric surfaces. Using a vacuum often doesn’t work well enough, nor do lint rollers. Using a pumice stone (volcanic rock often used for skin exfoliation that features tiny pores over its surface) will help you nab pet hair with its rough surface. Rake the pumice stone towards yourself, slowly moving across afflicted areas from one side to the opposite.

Carpet cleaning

Hot water extractors are often used in commercial capacities for shampooing carpets and rinsing them after washing. This machines work by spraying industrial-grade cleaning solution with steaming hot water to loosen crud, then vacuums dirt and debris from carpets cleaned. You can rent one from a supermarket or carpet cleaning store, along with necessary chemicals. Make sure to remove anything of value from your vehicle prior to hot water cleaning.


Vacuuming your car is always difficult when trying to remove everything dirt-related. Remove your car seat by unbolting it from the rails it sits on. Search for bolts on the metal pieces that your seat rests on. Every car’s interior is different, including the rails that car seats fit onto. If you can’t unbolt the seat easily, look to manufacturer’s guides online for help.

Hand-washing with microfiber

Spraying your car with a water hose can create scratches, as well as using standard towels or washcloths. Using a microfiber wash mitt won’t leave scratches, and often cleans car surfaces well. First, mix wild soap with water. Wear the microfiber mitt on your hand and rub your car’s exterior in small circles. The magic’s in the microfiber, so you don’t have to do anything special.

Clearing up headlights

Toothpaste will work surprisingly well for cleaning up your car’s murky headlights. Use a toothbrush, shop towels, or old rags to clean up headlight cases. Directly apply toothpaste to the headlights and scrub in circular motions. After cleaning, rinse what’s leftover with water.

Above are five effective ways of getting your car cleaner than it’s ever been before. You can return it to near-factory condition by working a little elbow grease into these five strategies. What are you waiting on? Get to cleaning!


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