6 Islands To Visit In 2018

You may either be thinking it is way too early to be talking about next year’s travels now, when you are still in the middle of planning your winter ones, and when you are, if you are like me, just starting to look forward to busting out the Christmas decorations.

However, I have discovered that there are not many better ways to spend a dreary Sunday afternoon at home, when the rain keeps banging against the shutters, and you don’t really have anything special to do, than to start looking forward to your next summer trip.

What works best is looking at images of beaches. Sandy luxuries, with miles upon miles of ocean hugging them on one side, and a lovely shade of colorful umbrellas on the other. Daydreaming can be a great way to take yourself out of the present, and make your overcast day just a bit better.

Here to help you both feel better and start working on your plans for 2018 is my short list of the beaches I am considering as my next destination. Enjoy!

6 Islands To Visit In 2018

There’s nothing quite like Hawaii

I might be too much of an ‘80s kid, but for me, Hawaii is still the first thing I think of when we are talking beaches. I’ve always wanted to go surfing there, even though I am hopelessly clumsy, and I’ve always wanted to taste that island life. Admittedly, there is much more to it than hula skirts and coconuts, but that’s just what I sometimes want my summer holiday to be like – all surf and sand, and nothing much else. Who knows, I might finally be able to see the islands for myself next year.

Revisiting Bora Bora

I have been to Bora Bora, just so you know – we flew there for a week for our honeymoon, and we keep telling each other we’ll be back one day. They call it “honeymooner’s island”, and with good reason. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful, and you can run into couples everywhere, either just hitched, or preparing to get hitched. The ocean is turquoise and wondrous, there is a turtle sanctuary on one of the islands, and you can even go shark feeding! The snorkeling is also great, as the waters are super clear, and you can meet a ton of little fish everywhere.

Contemplating the Canaries

I am partial to the Canary Islands mostly because of a single picture I saw a few years back, of a beach on Gran Canaria, which is to this day one of my favorite images of a beach. I’ll try to add it for you here. It used to be my screensaver at work, so I could imagine myself there any time someone ticked me off at the office. There are soft sandy beaches and rocky coves to explore I am told by Google, and there are so many beaches to see, we might need to take month off work. Booking a stay in Fuerteventura is starting to sound like a plan.

Fond of Fiji?

A friend has spent her honeymoon in the South Pacific, and I keep thinking she might have something on the subject. Fiji particularly seems like a delectable destination. There are over 300 islands to choose from, which means anyone can find a beach that is just right for them, whether it be a lack of crowds, a vibrant nightlife, or anything else they are looking for. I truly believe images don’t do justice to the beauty of these islands, so I might have no other choice but to fly down there myself.

Finally, the Bahamas

The Bahamas also sound like the first thing that might pop into your mind when someone says beach. There are sunset images all over the internet that make these islands sound just perfect. The diving is also rumored to be great, as well as the snorkeling. And finally, the Bahamas have that deluxe feel to them somehow, like it’s all resort upon resort, ready to pamper you silly. In case work gets any worse, this just might be the destination I go for next year

I hope my short musings on the coming summer have helped you take your mind off the rain and the winter that is coming, and that you are looking forward to getting back into a swimsuit and basking in the glorious sun, even if it is only by your local pool.


Author: Cristina Nika

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