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6 Things You will Love to Do in Bentota

Bentota is one of the popular cities of Sri Lanka which comes on the top of the charts among the locals and travelers. Bentota offers somehow a different atmosphere to experience, different things to do and different nature people to meet. Bentota is look like a village and you would find that full of locals are trying to make some money from showing you places around the village. Bentota is renowned for the beaches, food and nature, also it assure that you get a worthy experience from here. Here, I have some information regarding what you can do in Bentota

Things to do in Bentota

Malubanna Activities Centre

If you are heading with your family and seeking for a well cultured place or you are a culture hungry visitor then Malubanna is a perfect place for you. It offers a unique local excursion experience and quality food. The place offers many things to do such as you can do snorkeling, fishing, candle lit dinner, drinks, parties, watching river etc.

Bentota Beach

Bentota Beach is one of the renowned beaches of world and really it is breathtaking. The beach is stunning and stretch with golden sand and coconut trees. The scenic view of horizon makes it one of the suitable places to make some time with someone you love. Beach is very clean and tidy and you will find plenty of resorts on the coastline offering several facilities and luxuries.

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Bentota River

River is the next place where you can head to. The river is beautiful and offers wide range of water activities to the visitors. You can take the experience of canoeing, snorkeling, jet-skiing and many more things. Also this place is very famous for the variety of birds and reptiles available. Take a perfect camera to make your moments perfect.

Candle Lit Dinner

The specialty of the place is to make a candle lit dinner with the one you love most. You can end your day with the best candle lit dinner experience which will make your day or may be your whole life perfect. For this you can head to Koggala Turtle Hatchery.


If you love food and want to take experience of all food varieties available at the place then I would suggest you to head to Escoffier as it is not to miss like place. The Escoffier is the top restaurant of Bentota and popular for it’s professionally designed building, tasty food, court yard and high standard. The restaurant has all five star features but the rates are not like five star places.


Have a great time on the beaches of Bentota and experience beautiful sunset. It will be so relaxing and peaceful to watch the sun setting down into the Indian Ocean. If you are a newly-wed couple then I would suggest you to once spend some time for sunset together and have a great time.

All above things are perfectly listed to make your holidays better than anywhere and to give you an ultimate experience. Bentota is calling you this time, spend some time there and make them memorable.

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