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6 Tips On Hosting A Budget-Friendly Surprise Anniversary Party

Not everyone can afford to have lavish public celebrations for an anniversary party.  And hey, believe it or not, sometimes people simply don’t want all that limelight.  So the purpose of this article is to show you that you can create a small, intimate event between you and yours that is just as good as a huge 200+ guest list spectacle.

You may be relieved to know that big money only complicates organized parties.  On the other hand, a small celebration can be just what the two of you want and need to feel the spark again.  So let’s discuss six ways to make this one memorable…

1.    Surprise Her!

This is such a classic maneuver and it never really goes sour.  We all love surprises and the idea of a special anniversary, as opposed to just another passing year, is a wonderful way to start the day.  Make up some phony but believable story about how you have to go run some errands.

Just as she seems to believe that this is a day like any other (and perhaps that you’ve forgotten your anniversary entirely) you can spring up on her and say surprise!  Visual props here work very well.  A special anniversary card, a poster on the wall, a message from a plane, whatever you can afford!

2.    Give Her Options

I believe one important part of planning a small, intimate anniversary celebration is to offer your spouse options and to discuss what you both find fun.

I personally like the idea of giving her “second honeymoon vacation packages”, each one with a different criteria of what we could do.  You could also make the vacation package fun and offer a “mystery gift” selection, such as a diamond watch, wrist bracelet, or a new ring.

This accomplishes two goals at once: you get to share in the experience together, and you can also make sure you’re not putting your wife on the spot.  After all, some days your wife might not be up for a big party of people, a camping adventure, or even a dinner party.  Maybe she just wants to stay home, have a long bubble bath, read old love letters and then make love.  The point is, if you let her choose the day’s activities she will be doubly excited!

3.    Home Cooked Meal

I know romantic dinners out are the tradition, and you should offer her the option of
eating out.  Then again, I believe a guy will score major points for cooking a good meal from scratch—especially if it’s a dish his girl loves.  It not only saves money but it feels so much more romantic, and all the more so when you break out the champagne and a tasty dessert.

Rather than cook one of your old favorites, study a new recipe online and wow her with your cooking abilities.  Just make her you’re sensitive to her tastes…perhaps you could inconspicuously ask her several days in advance if she would be willing to cook a certain recipe for the both of you.  Turn the tables and surprise her on this most precious of days!

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4.    Decorate the House

One amazing move is to decorate the house in a romantic style without her knowing.  You may have to shell out a few bucks to either hire someone or perhaps pay a friend or family member to decorate the house while you take your honey to a movie or spa massage.  Decide in advance on a romantic theme your sweetheart will appreciate; for example a Parisian lover’s room, an exotic hotel, or a tropical island setting.

Now imagine the décor items; new curtains, burning candles, sweet smelling incense, special lighting fixtures and maybe some old photos on the wall.  Your gal will be delighted that the house looks so clean and presentable—even better that she didn’t have to lift a finger!

5.    Think Nostalgia

Whether you both love looking over old photos, or enjoy sharing old love letters, the point is to make the event personal.  Think of your celebration as not just a night of fun or respect, but as a “tribute the past.”  Remember that old show “This is Your Life”?  Or in modern terms, think about the Academy Awards or the Kennedy Center Honors.  These are events that pay tribute to the past, the year in review, and the wonderful memories of yesterday.

Do that with your anniversary and make it meaningful.  Talk about the year in review and what were some personal highlights for you.  You might even flashback to 5 years ago or 10 years ago, if you’ve known each other that long, and compare the persons you are now to who you were back then.  It’s not just about tributing the past…it’s about growing together and sharing as a couple!

6.    Do Something Special Just for Her

Last but not least, do something special for your long-suffering wife.  (Oh yes, you know she’s long suffering, don’t deny it!)  Rather than think in terms of money, think in terms of what you can do for her entertainment.  Does she love it when you sing?

Does she enjoy your artwork, your music, or does she love listening to you ramble on about how beautiful she looks in the moonlight?  Whatever skills you have, or whatever hobby you enjoy doing, combine that activity with appreciating her and give her an extra special anniversary memory.

Remember guys, you don’t have to be a rich man to be a romantic.  All you need is a wealth of love and a little bit of creativity.

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Mark Harris is a freelance writer who lives in White Rock, British Columbia, right along Canada’s beautiful West coast.  When he isn’t living the good life hiking, kayaking and skim boarding on the beach, he’s writing articles inspired by sites like www.LoveDiamonds.net.  Mark is married and enjoys providing advice to the lovelorn and lost whenever possible.

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