6 Ways To Save Money When Moving

As you probably know all too well, moving generally means having to spend quite a bit of money. Everything from moving boxes to moving trucks can gouge your bank account. Not to mention, the money you spend on moving tends to make the event all the more stressful. If you are getting ready to move and hire a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving, you might want to consider the following six ways to cut down on the financial burden of having to tote your stuff.

6 Ways To Save Money When Moving

1. Downsize Your Belongings

Before you even break out the cardboard boxes, start going through your stuff. Sort out the things that you absolutely want or need to keep and make a pile of things you want to give away. If you haven’t used something in, say, six months or more or haven’t used it at all, consider trashing it. If it’s in good enough condition, donate it to your local thrift store or try selling it online to make a few extra bucks. That little bit of extra cash can come in handy when paying moving fees!

2. Find Free Cardboard Boxes

Whatever you do, do not pay for cardboard boxes! Most major grocery stores get a ton of them in stock when goods are shipped to their stores. Call around to a few local stores and see if they have any extra boxes that they are willing to set aside for you. Egg carton boxes are especially ideal for packing heavy items, so try to get a few of those if you can.

3. Pack with What You Already Have

Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are great for packing delicate items but can cost a small fortune when you’re moving. Medium-sized blankets are fantastic alternatives when wrapping TV and computer monitors. You will want to use blankets that are soft but that will allow your item to fit into a box.

4. Eliminate Bulky Furniture

For those who are downsizing, you will want to assess your new living space so that you can avoid bringing along bulky furniture that won’t even fit in your new abode. You know that large sectional you’ve lounged on for years? Consider a small sofa, comfy love seat, or even a fashionable futon if you’re moving. Planning ahead can eliminate a lot of extra hassle when it comes to mitigating furniture.

5. Get a Portable Storage Container

An alternative to renting moving trucks is getting portable storage containers. These containers can be rented, hauled, and don’t have to get returned on the same day as your move. They range in size, much like trucks, but are somewhat more ideal if you are planning on lugging some large furniture and other awkwardly-sized items to the new place.

6. Refrain from Buying More before You Move

Avoid buying extra things before your move. Even a few smaller items can make for an extra hassle when moving. Wait until you get everything you currently own and wish to take with you to your new home, unpack as much as you can, then assess. Make a list of things you absolutely need to buy, then a list of things you want to buy but don’t need right away.

Moving doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. With a little bit of careful planning and crafty cost-cutting methods, you can make your next move a whole lot less hectic than it might otherwise be.


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