A Beginners Crystal Clear Guide to Different Window Shapes and Styles

Your window installation is about more than replacing old products. The windows are the eyes to your home and, as such, deserve proper consideration. Use this guide to help you understand the different types of windows and to make an informed decision.

Double-Hung Windows 
Double-hung windows come with two sashes that move vertically within the frame. These windows can open wide or crack open for a small amount of air to flow through. Double-hung windows come with the advantage of sleekness. The windows remain inside the frame so that you do not have to worry about shifting things in the room just to open the window.

Awning Windows 
Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. This style of windows is perfect for the southern appeal where you want to create a more welcoming environment. Flexibility is the main advantage that comes with awning windows. The structure attached to these windows can be crafted for a stationary or opening appeal. Whereas the stationary option is more so for looks, the operating choice is perfect for those looking to have windows that are both physically desirable and useful.

Transom Windows 
Many homeowners have transom windows yet few know the proper name for such structures. Transom window installation comes with a narrow window that can either be used to let air in or placed for the sole purpose of letting homeowners look outside. A transom window comes with the benefit of being small enough for placing above a door or larger window, which makes it ideal for those looking to add extra appeal. You may also consider this option for your bathroom.

Slider Windows 
Slider windows operate by going along a track to open horizontally. A key feature of this structure is one window’s ability to slide over another. Slider windows are the most common and may even offer double-pane options for those living in heavily populated areas where noise is the norm. These windows can come in modern or contemporary styles.

Stationary Windows 
Stationary windows are sometimes discounted because they do not open. As the name implies, these type of structures are meant to remain in place and only add aesthetics to the home. You may consider stationary windows for your dining room or breakfast nook. This type of structure could also be ideal if you are only looking to add additional light to a bedroom. Stationary windows can come in traditional, modern, and contemporary styles.

Bay Windows
Bay windows can make your home look elegant and make a master bedroom or sitting room look bigger. Bay window is the term used for all protruding windows regardless of their actual height. The most popular bay windows have the inside angles at 150, 135 and 90 degrees. Bay windows can also become ornate and usually become the focal point of a room.

The type of windows that you choose can greatly affect the overall style of your home. You should compare and contrast various options before making a final decision about window installation services.



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