A Brief On GAMSAT Question Paper

A Brief On GAMSAT Question PaperA profession in the medical field is an honour. No other profession is considered as noble other than medical field because after God only doctors have the strength to increase your life span. And that is why Doctors are worshipped next to god.

Similarly the remunerations too are the highest in this profession. Every man at the end of the day is striving for a healthy life for himself and his dear ones and when healthy is at stake, man is ready to do anything it takes to save his or his family’s lives.

From what you have discussed above it is very clear that a medical profession not only earns you a lot of money but also immense respect and that is something every professional wants. Hence, many youngsters today are looking for a career in this field. However, this money and respect doesn’t come so easily. Those looking to aspire to become medical professionals need to struggle a lot. Forget studying medicine but even qualifying to study medicine is not a cake walk.

GAMSAT is an entrance exam for those looking for a career in medical field. It is conducted once a year in Australia, United Kingdom and Ireland by Australian Council for Education Research (ACER). Students from any stream can apply for this exam and the main intention of this exam is to assess the candidates on their reasoning and problem solving skills.

To ensure that only the best candidates are given the opportunity to study medicine, all the questions based in this exam are to test their reasoning ability and problem solving techniques. His exam is deemed to be the toughest by all medical aspirants and hence it is important for every candidate to know what the GAMSAT question paper looks like.

The Structure of the GAMSAT Questions Papers is Divided into Three Sections; Namely:

Section I: This section deals with question based on Humanities and Social science

Section II: Your Written English skills are assessed in this section

Section III: Your science knowledge is put to test in this section. You will be asked question based on Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Every question is a multiple choice question (MCQ) and are usually based on Cartoon pictures or graphical figures or passages. Students should also be prepared to write two compositions based on two quotations given in the paper.

SECTION I: Humanities and Social Science:

As mentioned earlier, questions related to humanities and social sciences are posed in this section. Your General Knowledge is also put to test in this section. Often students from Arts background find it easy to resolve this section.

This section comprises of 75 questions in total and you are given a time frame of 100 minutes to answer these 75 questions. You would also be given an additional 10 minutes to go through the question paper. Your ability to answer these questions would depend on your grip on the subject, your awareness in current affairs and your ability to think fast. Historical and currents events based questions are asked in section 1.

SECTION II – Written English:

This section has two sets of quotations. These quotations are extracts from any famous fictions or any general quotes. You are required to write two compositions based on these quotations within a span of one hour. This is the easiest section in GAMSAT


This section has biology, physics and chemistry and you are given 120 mins to complete 110 questions.

This is the basic question paper structure of GAMSAT. GAMSAT preparation requires you to have proper guidance and a planned approach towards the exam and then you are sure to qualify it.

Author of this article is a student from the university and aspires to be a dental surgeon. He has extensively prepared for GAMSAT and shares his knowledge with us through this article.


Author: Sophie S.

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