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A Cut Above The Rest: 5 Interior Design Tips To Create A Beautiful Salon

One great option for a successful small business is a hair salon. If you have the right location and the right talent, it is completely possible to make a lot of money. However, you still need to be careful. Many salons fail. If you want to have a successful salon, one thing you should consider in the interior design. You will want to create a space that people will want to spend time in getting their hair done on a regular basis. Below are five interior design tips you can use to create a beautiful salon.

Create a Clean Design

One thing that should absolutely be reflected by the interior design of a salon is cleanliness. No one wants to be in a salon that looks or feels dirty. You can accentuate this cleanliness by creating a clean design focused on a minimal number of colors and simple wall and floor designs. This will help put a focus on how well you clean your salon so clients can feel comfortable about how sanitized it is.

Choose the Right Furniture

Another extremely important element of a salon’s interior design is the salon furniture. The styling chairs, shampoo cabinets, stools, trolleys, and everything else you choose to place in your salon are extremely important for helping to shape the ambiance of the space. Make sure to choose stylish pieces that accent the overall design philosophy of your salon. However, you also need to choose your furniture based on functionality. Don’t choose a piece of furniture just because it looks nice; make sure every piece will help your stylists with their work.

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Perfect the Lighting

One of the most important interior design elements of a salon is the lighting. Not only do you need your stylists to be able to see what they’re doing, you want your clients to like how they look when they gaze into the mirror. Consider choosing warm bulbs over cool ones to give your customers a more flattering look. Natural light is also preferred over artificial. Strategically use window where you can.

Add a Centerpiece

Many salons choose to go with a chic and ultra-contemporary look. This often means being art-forward in regards to how the salon is themed and designed. In that regard, you should consider adding a centerpiece to bring the entire design together. This could, for example, be a large painting hung across a wall. Alternately, you could choose a statue, chandelier, or even a water feature. There are many options to match many styles. Make sure that the centerpiece you choose matches the rest of the salon well.

Bring in Some Plant Life

Another great option is adding some house plants to the interior of your salon. Plants produce oxygen and can help freshen up the air in a confined space. They can also produce a splash of color in a room and help bring some much needed nature into a sterile manmade space. Consider different spots in your salon that could benefit from some plant life without making the space look cluttered.

While the service provided to clients in a hair salon is certainly important, other factors can also determine how successful a salon is. This certainly includes the different aesthetic components of the salon’s interior design. Put a lot of thought into that design, because it can impact your profit margins.


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