A Day In The Life Of A Senior Living Community Manager

Senior living communities give their residents a lifeline at independent living once again. Given that there are different kinds of senior living communities, the work of a manager in these communities varies, but the demands on their time and dedication to the job are somewhat the same. The different kinds of senior living communities include age-restricted communities, senior apartments, cohousing, assisted living, nursing homes, continuing care retirement communities, among many other variations. So, how is a day in the life of a senior living community manager?

A Day In The Life Of A Senior Living Community Manager

A manager in a senior living community ensures that the residents in such a community receive exemplary service, peace of mind, and quality of life. He/she is responsible for providing leadership and direction to staff while ensuring that the community is operating on the delegated budget, including ensuring full occupancy and creating ancillary income. The manager leads his team according to the needs of the residents within the community while upholding life quality and ensuring that quality services and programs are delivered. He/she should also be sensitive to the stressors and concerns of their clients and families so as to offer the best quality of life possible for the residents.

Some of the work of the manager in a day includes:

  • Supervising and acting as a resource for all staff tasked with the responsibility of providing exemplary service and/or hospitality services
  • Ensuring service delivery responds to the needs of the residents and ensuring it is compliant with established performance standards, procedures, budget allocations, legal requirements, and provincial standards
  • Providing leadership and direction to the service team by promoting and fostering new initiative. He/she is also responsible for interpreting, monitoring, and implementing compliance with policies and procedures
  • Directing and coordinating staff orientation and in-service training programs
  • Performance management of staff
  • Scheduling and assigning work
  • Acting as a liaison within the community
  • Decision-making in areas of responsibility such as community relations and marketing, finances, continuous quality improvement, risk and human resources management (scheduling, staffing, performance management, training, etc.)
  • Administering and monitoring the operating budget for the community and making appropriate adjustments whenever necessary
  • Reporting and justifying cost center variances, and developing and presenting business cases for budget adjustments on an annual basis
  • Providing input in the negotiation of contract extensions
  • Overseeing initiatives to generate ancillary income
  • Maintaining an active waiting list for potential vacant residences
  • Supporting tenant activities as developed for the community
  • Overseeing the sourcing and purchasing of paper products, food supplies, cleaners, chemicals, ware-wash, etc
  • Preparing and presenting management reports showing the overall performance of the service team for the attainment of objectives and goals for the community such as human resource, financial, innovations, and service delivery
  • Setting and reporting service team goals on quarterly and annual basis
  • Conducting new tenant and family tours as needed
  • Overseeing on-site contractors
  • Coordinating transportation services and social activities
  • Rent collection

As you can see, a senior living community manager’s job is quite challenging. As such, no two days are ever the same. He/she needs to schedule and control his/her time in such a way that makes sure that the objectives and goals of the community for the residents are met. The job comes with unpredictable demands, and one may be required to work overnight and even on weekends. This position is, however, quite the adventure and comes with its perks. The satisfaction and joy of community members makes the hassle worthwhile.

Written by The Village Of Bedford Walk, a senior living community in Columbia, MO.


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