A Guide To Hiring Your Garden Marquee

Throwing a party is always an exciting time, but throwing a party that’s big enough to warrant a marquee is especially thrilling and hosting the big event in your garden if you can, makes it all the more special.

A Guide To Hiring Your Garden Marquee

Do your research

As soon as you know about the wedding or birthday, start planning. Do some research on marquee companies in the area, and read reviews. Thankfully, as with most things these days, the internet makes this stage much easier. Make a shortlist through your search engine, and then start the ‘serious’ research into their specific services.

Choose your style

As with most things, marquees come in lots of different styles. Consider what you need from the marquee, and how big it needs to be, before choosing the style. Traditional marquees are what most people see in their heads when they picture a marquee, and they carry the distinguished look you’d expect for a big ‘do.’ They come in all sorts of sizes, made of canvas, and held up with poles and ropes, so you’ll need to factor in extra space around the edge when planning your event.

A Guide To Hiring Your Garden Marquee

ClearSpan might be a better option if you don’t have space for ropes and if a more modern look suits your event. They’re a good option for a totally customisable venue for your party. If you don’t need walls, you might prefer a pagoda style for something a little more open plan.


Don’t overlook the details. Have you considered whether you need a walkway, for example? For lots more suggestions for things to make your party go with a bang, and a directory of who to speak to, see Marquee Hire.

Once you know what the outside looks like, it’ll be time to plan the interior. How much you do yourself is up to you. Consider whether you need a bar or a dance floor. What will you do with lighting and seating?

You might find that you enjoy having the outdoor space that you want to have something more permanent, with a fabric roof and a more sturdy structure. Take a look at a specialist like Fabric Architecture http://www.fabricarchitecture.com and see what option are available to you.

Once you have firm plans, start getting quotes and making the bookings.


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