A Healthy Dose of Harmony

Thanks to a high volume of scientific research, CBD has been found to provide several health benefits. This has led to a lift in prominence in CBD oil used to help reduce symptoms of several conditions. However, there still happens to be a great deal of confusion related to the plant itself. CBD is only one of over one-hundred different cannabinoids that come from the cannabis plant. In order to clear out all your questions, Nature’s Cure-All will teach you the benefits of consuming premium hemp extract.

Hemp/CBD Oil Myths

Let’s take a gander at some of the most common legends about hemp oil and see if we can debunk a few of them for you.

It is Illegal

CBD is the shortened name for cannabidiol. Another cannabinoid that comes from the same plant is THC. The confusion seems to be related to the way that the two substances come from the same source. CBD oil is often mixed with other oils to help with absorption. CBD is also available in many other forms ranging from oils to pastes to showers, teas, and even capsules. As CBD does not contain THC, it is considered legal. CBD mixed with THC is considered legal if the measure of THC is 0.03% or less. CBD is legal in over 20+ states.

A Healthy Dose of Harmony

It will make you Hallucinate

This is another case of mistaken identity. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the piece of the cannabis plant that can trigger hallucinations. It is also the same component that gives users of it the ‘high’ you’ve likely heard about. Here’s the main difference between the two: CBD oil is extracted from hemp, not the THC containing cannabis plant. Considering this, it is interesting to note that CBD has been proven to help with blocking the psychoactive effects on the brain that can come from THC.

It is Addictive

CBD oil isn’t addictive because it does not work in the same way that cannabis does in your body. CBD oil will interact with your endocannabinoid system which regulates many of your normal body functions. The interaction restores balance in those functions.

It is completely safe to use

Generally speaking, CBD oil is considered safe for use by anyone. However, as is normally the case with any kind of substance you put into your body, there are some precautions and warnings you ought to be aware of. Before you introduce CBD oil to your day by day routine it is wise to talk about this with your doctor or medical professional for advice.

It is only for the Young

According to research, 51% of the seniors that have tried CBD report that they experienced an increased quality of life.

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