A Honest Lumitact G700 Review – Read Before Buying

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In August last year, Lumitact have introduced a new flashlight model called theLumitact G700 LED flashlight. Since its release millions of people from around the world have purchased this flashlight. It’s been one of the bestselling products for 2015 and still going up in 2016.

Many people wonder why this flashlight is so revolutionary and they also wonder if it’s worth spending $56 for it. Today we are going to talk more about this flashlight and probably at the end of this review you could understand if the Lumitact G700 is the right choice for you.

A Honest Lumitact G700 Review – Read Before Buying

The Lumitact G700 Military Background

The G700 was originally invented for the army. Its whole purpose was to allow soldiers to focus the beam of light only to a single subject without affecting the entire area on which the flashlight is pointed. This would allow the soldiers to shoot in pitch dark and to also disorient the subject so he cannot shoot back.

In the search for a laser focused beam Lumitact needed to also develop a very powerful light but the regular technology used on the flashlights was not allowing that at the time. To improve the brightness of the light emitted through the lens they needed a new LED hardware capable of creating a stronger beam on a not that powerful battery.

The New LED Hardware

Regular LED flashlights use LED diodes and the classic approach for making a powerful flashlight using diodes would be to just add more of them, however Lumitact took a different approach by reinventing the actual diode. To make the light much brighter they’ve created a new LED chip that is almost 10 times larger than a LED diode. While using the same battery capacity, this LED chip hardware can be almost 50 times brighter than every other AAA battery-powered diode.

Where to buy the G700 LED flashlight

There are a lot of places where you can buy the G700 but not every website is offering the real Lumitact G700 LED flashlight. If you research lately on places where you can buy the G700 then you have probably stumble to the famous G700 scam where websites are offering the G700. When you buy it you don’t receive what you have ordered instead they deliver a cheap Chinese version of the G700.

When there’s a lot scam present for some specific product but you want so badly to get it, what do you do? You go to the most recommended place where you know that they offer the original version of the product. In our case the most recommended website where you can buy the product is theg700flashlight.


The key components on this flashlight are the features that make this flashlight a multifunctional tool that can serve you in different types of circumstances. Within this flashlight you get 2 featured modes that both have up to 5 pre-set sub-modes.

The focus mode is one of the reason why people want this flashlight so badly and with 5 pre-set modes: high, low, medium, SOS and strobe. The other great featured mode on this flashlight is the telescoping mode which allows you to have a viewable perimeter of:

• X1

• X250

• X500

• X1000

• X2000

Price and Discounts

There has been a lot of controversy about this product and its price. The original price for this product is $224 USD which not everyone can afford. Since there is a lot of demand for this product but not everyone can afford it there is a special discount of 75% that is available for only one week starting from today.


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