A Practical Look at Reasons for Pursuing an MBA

If you are about to enroll in a business degree program, you are entering into an exciting phase of your educational career in which you will be introduced to multiple areas of business. During these years you will delve into accounting, marketing, business management, and a number of other facets. An undergraduate degree in business from Potomac college will not only arm you with knowledge of all areas across the board, it will help you determine what area(s) of the field you are more passionate about.

A strategy to embrace

With unemployment rates high in a downed economy, jobs are tough to come by. Luckily there are always positions in sectors that require business degrees. However, when you start sending off your resumes there will be hundreds of others that will be examined alongside yours. Investing in your education is an investment in your self—it will separate you from others who only stopped so far down the learning path. When pursuing your BA don’t consider the process as a linear blueprint with a beginning and an end. In other words, always keep thoughts brewing in the back of your mind regarding areas of the degree that you enjoy the most, and how you could put those subjects into play with an MBA. There are numerous reasons and benefits why an MBA is definitely worth pursuing upon completing your undergraduate program.


When most people get hired with a BA in a business field they almost always start at entry-level positions and over time they may reach a mid-level role in their company. However, MBA grads almost always start at mid-level positions or even fill executive chairs. Investing in another year of academia to obtain a higher learning degree is well worth the investment just from a practical standpoint of examining one’s destined place in the business sector. By going straight into an MBA program you will be stretching your marketability to more jobs, with more companies, and that offer better positions and pay scales.

Getting your foot in the door

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Pursuing an MBA program offers the chance of getting your foot through the door while still in school. It is common for consulting firms and investment banks to hire MBA students as interns in positions that are both paid and non-paid. Interning for a large company while pursuing your degree not only bulks up your resume, it may even lead to a job offer after completion of the degree. Interning also provides grad students with a respected arsenal of references.


Once you get a solid idea as to what avenue of the business degree you would like to pursue in the working world, go online and search for jobs in that area. See if they require graduate degrees, or if one would need a graduate degree to someday advance into better paying roles. Also, do some reading and see what employers and news sources are saying about MBAs. ‘The Washington Post’ published an article about the benefits of an MBA and sighted the Executive MBA in particular. The journalist states that in today’s downed economy, obtaining an MBA is one of the best investments someone can make. The article also reveals that 43 percent of MBA grads were promoted in their new positions. Furthermore, GMAC Global Graduate Survey found that once promoted, MBA grads reported an increase in their budgetary authority than undergraduates who received promotions from other programs.

An ROI that makes sense

An MBA has never been more valuable than it is today. The economy and the job market make up a fierce battleground. It is better to enter it with a sharpened sword versus a dagger.

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