AC Repair Is Best Left To NATE

Believe it or not, there is a video on Youtube that shows people the basics of AC repair so the homeowner can do it for themselves with the purpose of saving money. This is not a good idea. Besides nullifying any warranty that may exist for the air conditioning unit, there are chemical and health hazards waiting the foolishly ambitious person who attempts to fix any AC problems on their own. Additionally, one should keep in mind that there is a high probability of electrical shock or worse for that individual. Plus, it could wind up costing hundreds, if not thousands more to either fix or replace an AC system that has improperly been tampered with.

NATE (North American Technical Excellence)

NATE was formed in 1997 and is the oldest technical certification organization for the air conditioning, heating, and ventilation industry. It provides the only testing and standards accepted by the entire HVAC community. Additionally, NATE certification is good for only five years; meaning, those who have passed once must also retest before their certification expires to make sure they are current on new technologies and tools.

AC system repair should be left to professional. Especially from someone who has achieved a NATE  certification, because not all AC repair technicians are qualified at the same level of expertise. Hundreds of hours go into earning a NATE certification, and the tests are rigorous, separating the professionals from the apprentices. Similarly, be sure to avoid unlicensed AC repair contractors, as the BBB has recently released a report declaring a proliferation of them arising during the hot summer months

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If one is ultimately looking to save money on their AC system and avoid having to either replace it or have major repairs performed on it, then it is wise to have a regularly scheduled service call every year to with a NATE certified professional. They will make sure your system is operating properly and at maximum efficiency. They are trained to look for the things the do-it-yourself homeowner never could. They understand the tendencies of the various manufacturers units, and know what typically needs tweaking, checking and/or cleaning, such as air ducts where mold, mites, dirt and other airborne contaminants live. These can be pushed out into the air one breathes. Additionally, they are able to identify leaks in ductwork, and other areas where energy may be escaping, and seal them properly so that money can be saved, and maximum comfort is achieved.

If you are in need of service or repair for your home or business air conditioning unit(s), then do not attempt to fix them on your own, no matter how mechanically gifted you may be. Seek out and hire a company like Comfort Zone of the Carolinas, one of the companies who require their AC technicians to become NATE certified, so you know that they will be working with the highest technical standards and training available to those in the industry.

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