Spring Break 2016: Accessories Trends Every Woman Should Know

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We all have different styles and we all choose to think, feel and dress differently. However, there are a few handful of universally acceptable accessories that will make all women feel great in their spring break. Just how we plan on furnishing a new home, similarly we must plan a spring ready wardrobe. We must think rationally while planning our purchases of spring accessories and stay away from random impulses that may lead to disappointments.

Spring Break 2016: Accessories Trends Every Woman Should Know

Here in this article, we’ll provide you with a well thought guide book that includes a list of best spring accessories that a woman must carry in the spring break.


Your spring wardrobe is certainly incomplete without scarves. Spring scarves are undeniably the best way to add a zest to your overall outfit. Scarves do a phenomenal job of giving life to your entire spring outfit. They add newer dimensions and layers to even the most fundamental outfit. You should opt for bolder colors and patterns while shopping for scarves. Besides, you must also learn to wear scarves in different ways. Read beauty magazines to get inspiration for wearing scarves in varied manners.


Sunglasses are essential items as spring accessories. Our observations from Spring Fashion Weeks suggest that oversized sunglasses are outdated. In fact, sunglasses have gotten weird for this spring. Have you seen Matrix movie? Do you remember the neo sunglasses that Keanu wore in the movie? Similar matrix-like frames are in for spring. Chisel up your cool quotient this spring by wearing weird neon styled frames.

Peep-toes Foot Wear

Peep-toes are must-have accessories for this spring. You know what this means, right! Take a pedicure appointment if you haven’t already because your toes are going to get a lot of attention this spring season.


Show your confident style this spring by wearing designer clutch purses that are handcrafted and made from finest materials. You get clutches in all sizes, shapes, and colors. It is a good idea to experiment with straps and strapless clutch bags in spring. Ladies metallic clutch bags are highly preferred this spring. Classic metallic clutch bags that are crystal beaded are in great demand.

Longer Earrings

Classy and elegant earrings should mandatorily be a part of your spring wardrobe. Every spring earrings are getting heavier and bigger, so it’s high time that you get away from small studs and instead pick long and powerful statement making earrings. These vehement earrings are sure going to zest up your fashion quotient in the upcoming spring break.

Body Chains

Try some metal treatment this spring by experimenting with body chains on your outfit. It doesn’t matter what size the chains are, they will help in taking your outfit to a whole new level. Body chains have never got so much of attention from the fashion industry as it has in Spring Fashion Weeks. Get your fashion upgraded with the help of these excellent body chains.

Skinny Belts

Skinny belts eliminate the regular buckling of your belt. How about tying the belts this spring? Tying of a skinny belt over the waist of corporate attire will showcase a fashionable side of you this spring. Sure, tying of a belt is not always practical, but it sure makes for a confident and stylish look. This particular accessory is something that you can even wear to the office every day.


Come this spring and ensure that you already have a black colored ribbon ready-to-wear in spring. A black ribbon is the easiest DIY accessory trend. All you need is a black ribbon that can be easily bought from craft store. You can tie this ribbon around your neck or around your blouse, which will invariably turn a simple outfit to an exciting and interesting outfit.


It’s time you make peace with fishnets because fishnets are back this spring season. In fact, they are back in many forms and styles. It is appropriate to wear either fishnet socks or wear full length netted tights. Some may even wear fishnets over shoes. Wear them whichever way you like and are confident with.


How can we make a list of the best spring accessories without discussing jewelry? Elegant and bold necklaces will look magical on your spring outfit. Your jewelry box must have a powerful jewelry in it. Statement necklaces help in styling up your entire spring wardrobe.

It is alright to have a basic sense of styling and fashion. However, it is also a good idea to embrace the varied and bold styles that these accessories showcase. So make sure you pick a powerful statement making women clutch and purse, jewelery, sunglasses and the rest this season. Get out of your comfort zone and start making space for spring accessories in your wardrobe.


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