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Acne And Pregnancy

Usually when women get pregnant, all you can see is their glowing and fresh skin, the thickness and brightness of their hair and the general happy atmosphere that is created by their own happiness. It is true that a woman looks most beautiful when she is pregnant but with all the good things, it could also result into the worst thing for a woman in general; acne.

Why do pregnant women get acne?

There have been several cases of women who have never had a pimple in their life and suddenly, after a few weeks or more with being pregnant, their face is full of dark spots and marks. With all the hormonal changes taking place in the body, many women encounter getting zits and pimples which could turn into a case of acne pretty quickly. In some couples, it is the first sign of pregnancy! Even before food sickness!

How to deal with acne in pregnancy?

A safe skin care plan is really important for women who are pregnant. Because then, it is not only their well being they have to think about but also another little human’s that resides in their stomach. They have to eat right, sleep right and make sure their baby is getting the right nutrients and diet. So taking medicines just for acne is out of the question. They wouldn’t know how it would affect the baby or how it could affect them during pregnancy. Even after it, a woman has to breast feed her child so she is very careful about what supplements she is taking. However, there is extreme evidence to support that natural acne kits are quite safe and do not in any way harm the baby. In some areas, there are even natural acne kits that are specifically made for pregnant women! Since it is all natural and organic, it does not harm the baby in any way or the pregnant woman. In fact, even after giving birth, it does not alter anything except for making the acne condition better or making the acne completely disappear.

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Why are natural acne kits better for a pregnant woman?

Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean she lets go taking care of her own skin and only remain concerned about what she is eating. Therefore, it is best to use natural acne kits because they do not contain any chemicals or solutions that would harm or alter the human body’s working. Even normal lotions have to be used with care during pregnancy because one is never really sure what is really being absorbed through the skin barrier and whether it would enter the blood stream. Because then that would mean the baby is also getting some lotion! So it is best to adhere to the natural method with the natural acne kits. They are easily available online and even with minimal research, you can do no wrong by getting one from a well known company. It is a win-win situation. The woman wouldn’t even have to get out of bed!

Don’t get scared, get prepared

For those who have never seen a pimple in their life, they might just freak out with the acne condition they suffer through just because of pregnancy. It is best to acknowledge first that it might happen instead of wondering what happened to their beautiful skin. As mentioned in the start, with all the hormonal changes, your body undergoes changes that would seem like a lot compared to puberty changes. However, it is best to accept it and then prepare for it. Not saying you should have natural acne kits or herbal supplements ready in your house! But it is best to discuss with friends and be aware of remedies that could remove the condition. Still, usually people who get acne because of pregnancy generally don’t have it afterwards. So not treating it would also be fine but it is better to be prepared and do something about it before it takes a more permanent charge.


Pregnant women should enjoy their pregnancy to the best of their abilities and those who are faced with acne problems shouldn’t lose face. There is treatment for it, a natural one that might even be good for the baby!

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