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Adopting A Pet Horse

If you are a horse lover, you probably cannot believe that some horse owners abandon and neglect their horses, causing them distress and suffering and leading to them being placed in rescue centres. Sadly, abuse and neglect of horses is common and rescue centres are often required to care for them until they recover and can be re-homed.

But however much a person loves and cares for their horses, it is still possible that those horses could end up in rescue centres, simply because they are so expensive to care for.

No-one takes on a horse without knowing that they will have to spend a lot of money on its care. Horse owners know the sort of financial commitment they are making when they adopt or buy a horse. But sometimes the unexpected can happen: a job loss, for example, or unexpected costs of caring for an elderly relative can mean that there is suddenly just not enough money to care properly for the pet horse.

Most responsible horse owners will go without pretty much anything to make sure that they can still keep and care for their horses. But if that simply is not possible anymore then rescue centres end up having to care for them and try to rehome them.

It is not easy to sell horses now, because people do not often have the free cash to be able to buy a horse. Adoption is therefore often the only available option.

If you are interested in owning a horse, perhaps as a friend for an existing pet horse or as a first horse, then you should consider adopting rather than buying. Adoption and rescue centres are taking in more horses than ever before, mainly because of the poor economic climate.

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If adopting a horse, you can be sure that the animal charity that runs rescue centres (such as the RSPCA) will have arranged for a vet to check the health of the horse and will know the horse’s temperament and personality. The staff can then make sure that you and your horse will suit each other.

The charity will be anxious to make sure that you are prepared to commit to the care of your horse for the long-term future so that the horse does not simply end up back at the shelter. You will need to show an understanding of horse care and have made arrangements for suitable stables and grazing area. You should also make enquiries about local vets who can help you to care for your horse if necessary.

Do your research and be sure that you can care for a horse, give it plenty of attention and exercise and pay for its food, stables, bedding and other necessary equipment. Then your horse can finally have a home for life.

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