Advantages Of Using Muscle Stimulator In Physiotherapy Treatment

In the field of physiotherapy, there are different health issues which are cured. Some of them are cured with the help of different types of exercises while some are cured with the help of various devices. This branch of medical science uses various devices as a part of a particular therapy. The EMS i.e. Electrical Muscle Stimulation which is also called as neuromuscular electrical stimulation is the muscle contraction with the help of electric impulses. Technically speaking, EMS is kind of total body workout which is done with the help of body current. The muscles in our body tend to contract with electric impulses and the EMS training simply uses this effect. The machine used for muscle stimulation is basically an electronic machine which has the capacity to contract your muscles when the electric current is passed through muscles.

Advantages Of Using Muscle Stimulator In Physiotherapy Treatment

The Electronic muscle stimulator can prove to be helpful during the early phase of the muscle strengthening. It can also help in reducing the pain just like that of a TENS equipment. However, getting relief from pain is not the main purpose of the EMS machine. The Muscle stimulator machine price in India varies from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 12000. One should be careful while buying these machines from the authentic dealers as it is related to the health of individuals.

The role of EMS Machine in the strengthening of the muscles:

The device can help greatly in strengthening the weak muscles. With the help of the EMS equipment, one can electrically stimulate the muscles fibers which are resting in order to improve the strength. The EMS is recommended when you have very weak muscles and face difficulty in performing activities which are anti-gravity. It has been said that the device should always be used carefully and under expert supervision since it involves electric current for treatment. The instruction manual should always be followed. The device should be used by certified therapists only. The Physiotherapists specialize in operating various equipments, and hence one should never take the risk of using these complex equipments on their own.

In short, the Muscle stimulator machine helps in training the muscles which the traditional workouts can’t do alone. Many Athletes, sports person, and fitness enthusiasts use EMS equipment during their workout sessions and training programs for enhancing the strength of their muscles. Many coaches incorporate EMS training for their team.

The electrical muscle stimulator price in India depends on the source of procurement. One can buy the equipment from offline or online shops based on the preference and benefits associated.

Although electricity is considered as hazardous, it has been observed that if used in a correct form or balanced amount, it has a host of benefits on the health as well as the well-being of a person. Human body performs various functions because of the electrical impulses that are sent by the brain to various organs. In the absence of electrical signals from the brain we would cease to exist. Hence, using EMS for training is one of the best ways of enhancing the efficiency of sports person and fitness enthusiasts.


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