Aging : The Why’s And How’s Of The Process In 50s

Your skin is as vocal as your mind. Just try to listen to it by reading out the signals your body is trying to tell you as you are growing older. The sixth decade of your life holds the key to the upcoming decades. How you take care of your skin now will determine how it fares later on.

Aging  The Why's And How's Of The Process In 50s

But Before Knowing That, Let’s Learn What Happens To Your Skin When You Have Crossed The Mark 50.

1. Your skin loses its evenness
2. It isn’t as firm as it was in the previous decades
3. It starts showing up wrinkles
4. Age spots and skin tags appear
5. There is an increase in the pores
6. Skin becomes dry
7. The eyelids become wrinkled
8. Menopause leads to an imbalance in hormones
9. Loss in tone and muscle


You must know why a certain thing is taking place, the reasons behind the changes.

You have probably lost and are losing fat under the skin, not just the muscles but the bones too. Furthermore, elastin and collagen changes make it worse, making wrinkle formation more rampant. This problem can be much bigger and apparent, if you have been a smoker or sunbathed a lot. There is a decrease in estrogen levels due to menopause. So the skin is not as hydrated as it was earlier and thus appears dry and flaky. Haven’t exercised regularly means you never had a good muscle build up and hence sagging skin problem sets in.

What Should Be Done…

I know, you have been searching for this everywhere. Well. it is recommended that you use products with

1. Retinol

#.  They boost cell production and hence repair the damaged skin.
#. Retinol moisturizers with Vitamin A, C and E help combat surface free radical damage.

2. Antioxidants and glycolic acid Makes skin thick and increase collagen production.
3. Hydroquinone For age spots, but only at the recommendation of a dermatologist.
4. N-acetyl Glucosamine and Niacinamide eases out the visual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin reflects your overall health and is dependent on it for its appearance. This makes a strong case for a few must-do things that are mandatory at this stage of life.

1. Pay attention to the bone health. Any sound, pain, swelling should be reported to a doctor without making a delay. This if done in time can save you from the peril of osteoporosis.
2. Your metabolism has a profound effect on your skin. So eat the right kind of foods. Eat nutrient dense foods, low fat dairy products, whole grains and fish. Reduce the amount of calories you take in.
3. Cosmetic surgery is an option if you want to go for it.
4. Another option is natural anti aging skin serum By Dermology. Products containing natural ingredients are considered fruitful. More the amount, more are the benefits. They are long lasting too.
5. Use masks and serum for a more hydrated-looking skin.

You Should Do The Above Because…

In 60s, you may see dilated superficial vessels on the nose, chin, cheeks and legs. Wrinkles can become more deep and visible. Your overall health will deteriorate too.

Above all

One is only as good as his ability to learn and implement the right actions at the right time.

Take the right actions and age gracefully!

Author Bio:

Evie Dawson is a skin expert by profession. A beauty blog for Dermology natural skin care. She is dedicated to provide honest skin care advice and information. She aspires to help her readers achieve their most beautiful skin by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.


Author: Evie Dawson