Always in Season—5 Things that Never Go out of Style and How to Use Them

Ah, fashion, a proud and noble industry that seems to be getting faster and faster with every passing year. As trends come and go, it gets harder to justify some of the purchases we might have otherwise been willing to make, resorting instead to the old standbys of little black dresses and plain tees. If you’re worried about finding your forever look, try one of these on for size.


Okay, we know that flannel’s got a lot of baggage, but in our book, it’s got a bad rap. A good flannel can go with almost any casual look, and the daring prints you have to pick from leave your options wide open. Believe it or not, you can even rock a suit and flannel shirt combo—it’s just another way to add that splash of color you’ve been missing.

Light Scarves

Before you say it, yes, we know you’ve seen every possible scarf tying infographic and listicle out there! Scarves are popular for a reason, though. Their unmatched versatility makes for a great way to refine a look you’re not sure about or add something special to one you’ve worn a million times before. Also, if you’re aiming for A+ plus tier scarf tying, why not try a look with a little more punch?


Yes, belts are on this list, and once we tell you why, you’ll have to agree: They don’t have to be ordinary. Are you a big Star Wars fan? Show off your nerdy side with a belt buckle that fits your mood. Maybe you’re more interested in color and style? There are hundreds of tooled leather belts in hundreds of styles, ranging from flowers to dragon scales, that can work with your outfit or uplift it to something cool.

Bowtie-Themed Accessories

Whether they’re in your hair or on your neck, bowties are a little pop of color and fun that most people don’t really expect. Try dressing jeans up with a collared shirt and bowtie, or using one to dress a suit down, and trust that you won’t be the only one in one! After all, good taste travels where good company goes.


You might be wondering how watches, of all things, could be making a comeback, but have you considered how useful a watch is for showing off a little bit more about yourself? If you’re sporty, there’s a watch—with several apps—for that. Classy? Go with black leather. Hipster? Try a watch with swappable bands, and bring your style to the table—on your wrist!


As the variations of these timeless these come and go, there’s only one thing that will always pair well with everything—never neglect your smile. A bright, healthy smile—thanks to the help of good hygiene habits and a good dentist—will be the perfect detail to complete any outfit.


Author: Anica O

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