Amazing Camping in Australia

Pack up your camping equipment and start your car, we’re heading for the outback of Australia for a once in a lifetime vacation where you’ll experience an adventure full of panoramic views and untouched wilderness.

Family tents are welcome from the spectacular mountainous landscapes of the national parks of Victoria to the mangrove forests of Queensland. From the picturesque landmarks of Southern Australia to the slowly meandering rivers of Western Australia.

Australia is a land of golden beaches and coral reefs and when you go camping you’ll see the true beauty of this land down under. The stunning landscapes that stretch across the six states of New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria, Southern Australia and the Southern island of Tasmania. A land full of tropical rain-forest, mountain and desert that’s just waiting for your camping trip. You’ll be spoiled for choice with all of the places to visit because all of Australia is truly camp-worthy. How do you choose?

This is a land where unique animals and plants abound. Where you can watch the red kangaroo hop across the outback on its huge feet. Say hello to a Joey, that’s a baby kangaroo to me and you. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see a koala. one of Australia’s most well known animals. They look cuddly but don’t get too close, they’re wild and may be snacking on a Eucalyptus leaf.
There’s the famous Ayres rock to see, known to the Aborigines as Uluru, a sacred site and Australia’s most famous landmark. Take a guided tour around its base and stay to see the colors of the rock change as the sun dips low in the sky. It’s a site not to be missed. But Uluru isn’t the only sacred site to be seen and you’ll have the chance to visit many spectacular and famous rock formations, often in the company of a friendly Aboriginal guide.

This is only the beginning of what you can expect in your camping trip to Australia. There’s literally a dizzying amount of things that you’ll see and experience, including the chance to search for opals in the lunar like landscape of Coober Pedy, Southern Australia. The premiere treetop experience that is Illawarra, in New South Wales, where you can cross great walkways that span a 1500m walk, above temperate rain-forests. Stay the afternoon and have coffee at the cafe and visitor center.
If the idea of roughing it in the outback wasn’t enough, why not take a few days to explore some of Australia’s World famous, local wineries or eat an emu egg.

This is truly a camping trip that will be remembered for all of your life. A grand adventure into the land down under, where you’ll see and do something out of the ordinary. An irresistible combination of the ancient, sacred land of the Australian aborigine and the unique, flora and fauna that makes this land a living jewel.

Come camping in Australia today and be a part of the adventure.


Author: Michelle Lee