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In case you own a clothing store, then you want to do everything you can in order to pull in new and potential customers and also retain the existing ones. Most importantly, customers are mainly attracted to visual things. Therefore, you need to choose some of the most beautiful and fashionable clothes to show them in your store, in a nice manner that catch the eye of your customers. For this, you need to use different mannequins, mainly FRP maniquine. When you choose the mannequins for your store, it is essential to realize what you want them to transmit to your potential customers and how you want them to resemble.

This will help you decide which type of mannequins to choose, from the wide cluster of options. For example, if you want your mannequins to be as realistic as could be expected under the circumstances, you ought to choose FRP maniquine. They are more flexible than other types and they are likely the most realistic mannequins available on the market, too. Besides, FRP maniquines are more durable than others and they allow you to achieve some of the most unique and eye-catching poses you can think about. For the best FRP maniquine and also FRP planter, you can contact the executives at Glasspoll Art. At Glasspoll Art, we have a huge team of specialists that can shape your FRP maniquine according to your requirements.


FRP maniquine versus plastic maniquine: which one is the most efficient?

This one of the most famous question and here we will examine a detailed comparison between the two.


Fiberglass is the “hands-down” winner in this category as it provides realistic FRP maniquine and FRP planters. Plastic maniquines are somewhat less realistic.


In spite of the fact that plastic maniquines are unbreakable, yet at the same time, on excessive burden, it can break. Therefore, plastic maniquines are not as durable as FRP maniquines. On the other hand, FRP maniquines are quite strong and it does not deform on load application.


The base of the plastic maniquine attaches to the calf, while the FRP maniquine offers a choice to connect through the calf or heel.


The plastic maniquine are proved to be expensive in many cases when they are compared to the FRP maniquine. Therefore, it is consistently the best choice to buy FRP maniquine and FRP planter. At Glasspoll Art, we offer a wide selection of color, style and poses of FRP maniquines at the best competitive prices in the market.

Popular Brand with Popular FRP products

Glasspoll Art is in this FRP industry for the last twenty years and has been manufacturing and supplying the best FRP products. The best thing about Glasspoll Art is that we are exporting and selling all our FRP maniquines and FRP planters to different international clients and customers. Moreover, we also specialize in custom-constructed FRP products that are manufactured according to the demands of our clients and customers. We have all our products listed on our website here, so visit our website for ordering your favorite FRP products.


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